Spermatozoon Plural, What is the Plural of Spermatozoon?

Meaning: any of the male reproductive cells produced after ejaculation in the sperm

Plural of Spermatozoon


Synonyms of Spermatozoon

  • sperm-cell
  • spermatozoan
  • sperm
  • oviduct
  • oocyte
  • mammary-gland
  • keratinocytes
  • gametocyte

Spermatozoon as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Spermatozoon fertilizes the egg cell.
  2. The spermatozoon swims towards the ovum.
  3. Each spermatozoon carries genetic material.
  4. The journey of a spermatozoon is remarkable.
  5. A single spermatozoon can initiate conception.
  6. The spermatozoon penetrates the egg membrane.
  7. The morphology of a spermatozoon varies.
  8. The survival rate of spermatozoa is crucial.
  9. The competition among spermatozoa is fierce.
  10. The DNA of a spermatozoon determines traits.

Spermatozoon as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Spermatozoa swim towards the egg.
  2. Many spermatozoa compete for fertilization.
  3. The number of spermatozoa decreases with age.
  4. The movement of spermatozoa is crucial for conception.
  5. The spermatozoa reach the egg first.
  6. Only a few spermatozoa can penetrate the egg.
  7. The spermatozoa undergo maturation in the testes.
  8. Fertilization occurs when a spermatozoon enters the egg.
  9. The journey of spermatozoa begins in the male reproductive system.
  10. Spermatozoa have a unique tail structure.

Singular Possessive of Spermatozoon

The singular possessive form of “Spermatozoon” is “Spermatozoon’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Spermatozoon:

  1. The Spermatozoon’s tail is long and flexible.
  2. I am studying the Spermatozoon’s movement patterns.
  3. The function of the Spermatozoon’s head is to penetrate the egg.
  4. The Spermatozoon’s DNA carries genetic information.
  5. Researchers are studying the Spermatozoon’s fertilization process.
  6. The size of the Spermatozoon’s nucleus is small.
  7. The Spermatozoon’s mitochondria provide energy for movement.
  8. The Spermatozoon’s flagellum propels it forward.
  9. The Spermatozoon’s acrosome contains enzymes for fertilization.
  10. The Spermatozoon’s journey begins in the testes.

Plural Possessive of Spermatozoon

The plural possessive form of “Spermatozoon” is “Spermatozoa’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Spermatozoon:

  1. The Spermatozoa’s motility affects fertility rates.
  2. Researchers are studying the Spermatozoa’s genetic diversity.
  3. The Spermatozoa’s tails are essential for swimming.
  4. The Spermatozoa’s viability depends on various factors.
  5. Scientists are researching the Spermatozoa’s ability to penetrate the egg.
  6. The Spermatozoa’s chromosomes contain genetic information.
  7. The Spermatozoa’s morphology influences fertility potential.
  8. The Spermatozoa’s count can vary among individuals.
  9. The Spermatozoa’s maturation occurs in the epididymis.
  10. The Spermatozoa’s survival is crucial for successful fertilization.

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