Colloquium Plural, What is the Plural of Colloquium?

Meaning: an academic conference or seminar.


Singular Plural
Colloquium Colloquiums

Synonyms of COLLOQUIUM

  • discussion
  • seminar
  • symposium
  • meeting

Colloquium as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The professor delivered a fascinating lecture at the colloquium.
  2. The students actively participated in the academic colloquium.
  3. The researcher presented groundbreaking findings during the scientific colloquium.
  4. The university organized a colloquium on sustainable energy solutions.
  5. The keynote speaker captivated the audience at the international colloquium.
  6. The historian discussed various historical events during the colloquium.
  7. The linguistics department hosted a colloquium on language acquisition.
  8. The scholars engaged in lively debates during the interdisciplinary colloquium.
  9. The graduate students presented their research at the departmental colloquium.
  10. The attendees eagerly awaited the start of the literary colloquium.

Colloquium as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The colloquia provided a platform for scholars from different disciplines.
  2. The professors organized a series of interdisciplinary colloquia.
  3. The conference featured several thought-provoking colloquia on cultural studies.
  4. The students actively participated in the academic colloquia throughout the semester.
  5. The researchers presented their work at various international colloquia.
  6. The department hosted multiple colloquia to foster intellectual discussions.
  7. The scholars’ colloquia covered a wide range of topics in philosophy.
  8. The university organized weekly colloquia to promote academic exchange.
  9. The graduate students organized student-led colloquia to share their research.
  10. The interdisciplinary colloquia attracted attendees from different fields.

Singular Possessive of Colloquium

The singular possessive form of “Colloquium” is “Colloquium’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Colloquium:

  1. The colloquium’s main theme was literature.
  2. I attended the colloquium’s keynote speech.
  3. The professor delivered the colloquium’s opening remarks.
  4. I submitted my paper for the colloquium’s review.
  5. The audience asked questions during the colloquium’s Q&A session.
  6. The colloquium’s panel discussion covered various topics.
  7. The researchers presented their findings at the colloquium’s session.
  8. The attendees shared their insights at the colloquium’s networking event.
  9. The organizers announced the colloquium’s schedule in advance.
  10. The participants engaged in lively debates at the colloquium’s forums.

Plural Possessive of Colloquium

The plural possessive form of “Colloquium” is “Colloquia’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Colloquium:

  1. The colloquia’s themes varied across disciplines.
  2. I attended multiple colloquia’s presentations on different topics.
  3. The professors shared their research during the colloquia’s sessions.
  4. The colloquia’s organizers invited renowned speakers.
  5. The participants exchanged ideas at the colloquia’s networking breaks.
  6. The researchers published their studies based on the colloquia’s discussions.
  7. The attendees eagerly anticipated the colloquia’s keynote addresses.
  8. The scholars presented their papers at the colloquia’s symposiums.
  9. The students showcased their work at the colloquia’s exhibitions.
  10. The colloquia’s schedules overlapped, offering diverse options.

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