Locust Plural, What is the Plural of Locust?

Meaning: grasshopper, cicada

Singular and Plural of Locust

Singular plural
locust locusts

Locust as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The buzzing sound signaled the presence of a locust.
  2. The farmer spotted a single locust in the field.
  3. The entomologist studied the behavior of the solitary locust.
  4. The hiker encountered a large locust on the trail.
  5. The gardener tried to protect the crops from the hungry locust.
  6. The child was fascinated by the vibrant colors of the locust.
  7. The biologist collected a specimen of the rare pink-winged locust.
  8. The photographer captured the image of a majestic locust.
  9. The naturalist observed the mating rituals of the male locust.
  10. The artist created a sculpture inspired by the graceful form of a locust.

Locust as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fields were overrun by swarms of locusts.
  2. The farmers struggled to control the infestation of locusts.
  3. The villagers tried to scare away the invading locusts.
  4. The entomologists studied the migration patterns of the locusts.
  5. The plague of locusts devastated the crops in the region.
  6. The researchers monitored the movement of the swarm of locusts.
  7. The farmers used pesticides to eliminate the population of locusts.
  8. The locals organized a community effort to combat the locusts.
  9. The aerial spraying was done to control the spread of locusts.
  10. The government provided assistance to the farmers affected by the locusts.

Singular Possessive of Locust

The singular possessive form: “Locust’s”


  1. Locust’s beautiful wings caught my attention.
  2. I found Locust’s exoskeleton in the garden.
  3. The sound of Locust’s chirping filled the air.
  4. Locust’s favorite food is fresh green leaves.
  5. I saw Locust’s tracks in the sandy soil.
  6. The farmer sprayed insecticide on Locust’s crops.
  7. The researcher studied Locust’s mating behavior.
  8. Locust’s presence indicates a healthy ecosystem.
  9. A photo of Locust’s distinctive antennae amazed me.
  10. Kids marveled at Locust’s incredible jumping ability.

Plural Possessive of Locust 

The plural possessive form: “Locusts'”


  1. The field was infested with Locusts’ swarms.
  2. We watched the dance of Locusts’ flight.
  3. The farmer’s crops were devastated by Locusts’ feeding.
  4. Locusts’ presence can threaten agriculture.
  5. Researchers studied Locusts’ swarming behavior.
  6. The community worked together to control Locusts’ spread.
  7. We observed the damage caused by Locusts’ appetite.
  8. Farmers protected their fields from Locusts’ invasion.
  9. Scientists monitored Locusts’ population movements.
  10. The government implemented strategies to combat Locusts’ infestation.

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