Sex Plural, What is the Plural of Sex?

Meaning: specifically sexual intercourse

Singular and Plural of Sex

Singular Plural
sex sex/sexes

Sex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Sex is a natural part of human life.
  2. The book discusses the role of sex in relationships.
  3. Sex education is important for young adults.
  4. The movie explores different perspectives on sex.
  5. Sex can be a sensitive and personal topic.
  6. The article highlights the benefits of safe sex.
  7. Sexuality is a complex and diverse aspect of human identity.
  8. The documentary examines the cultural attitudes toward sex.
  9. The workshop aims to promote healthy discussions about sex.
  10. Sexual consent is crucial in any intimate relationship.

Sex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The book discusses the different types of sexes found in nature.
  2. The study explores the mating behaviors of various sexes.
  3. The lecture focuses on the evolution of reproductive strategies in different sexes.
  4. Some species exhibit multiple sexes within their populations.
  5. The research aims to understand the genetic variations between the sexes.
  6. In some societies, individuals can transition between sexes.
  7. The article examines the social dynamics between the different sexes.
  8. The study analyzes the differences in behavior between the male and female sexes.
  9. The documentary explores the roles and responsibilities of the different sexes.
  10. The concept of gender goes beyond binary sexes.

Singular Possessive of Sex 

The singular possessive form of “Sex” is “Sex’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Sex:

  1. The therapist discussed the patient’s sex’s impact on relationships.
  2. The educator taught students about safe sex’s practices.
  3. The book explored society’s perception of sex’s role.
  4. The counselor provided guidance on navigating sex’s complexities.
  5. The doctor emphasized the importance of open communication about sex’s.
  6. The researcher conducted studies on the effects of sex’s hormones.
  7. The journalist wrote an article about the evolution of sex’s portrayal in media.
  8. The speaker addressed the audience’s questions about sex’s education.
  9. The advocate fought for equal rights in matters of sex’s discrimination.
  10. The psychologist studied the psychological factors influencing sex’s behavior.

Plural Possessive of Sex 

The plural possessive form of “Sex” is “Sexes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Sex:

  1. The educators emphasized the importance of understanding different sexes’ perspectives.
  2. The activists fought for equality between all sexes’ rights.
  3. The researchers examined the impact of cultural norms on sexes’ behavior.
  4. The book discussed the differences between the male and female sexes’ experiences.
  5. The survey analyzed the preferences of different sexes’ in intimate relationships.
  6. The therapist provided counseling services to individuals of all sexes’ orientations.
  7. The conference focused on empowering marginalized sexes’ voices.
  8. The law protected individuals from discrimination based on their sexes’.
  9. The psychologist studied the social dynamics between different sexes’ groups.
  10. The activists advocated for comprehensive education on consent for all sexes’.

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