Choose Plural, What is the Plural of Choose?

Meaning: most appropriate of two or more alternatives.

Plural of CHOOSE

Singular Plural
Choose Chooses

Synonyms of CHOOSE

  • appoint
  • cast
  • designate
  • want
  • co-opt
  • crave
  • determine
  • elect
  • embrace
  • favor
  • judge
  • single out
  • take

Choose as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The choose is yours—pick whichever option you prefer.
  2. The choose is difficult, but you have to make a decision.
  3. The multiple-choice test gave students one choose for each question.
  4. The game show contestant had to make a quick choose.
  5. The teacher emphasized the importance of making the right choose.
  6. The menu gave customers the freedom to choose their own toppings.
  7. The presidential candidate promised to listen to the people’s choose.
  8. The career fair provided students with various options to choose
  9. The personal trainer helped clients choose exercises based on their fitness goals.
  10. The company encouraged employees to choose their own work schedule.

Choose as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The chooses you make today will shape your future.
  2. The different chooses people make reflect their values.
  3. The coach emphasized the importance of strategic chooses in the game.
  4. The students had different chooses for their elective courses.
  5. The committee members discussed the possible chooses for the upcoming event.
  6. The company’s success is determined by the collective chooses of its employees.
  7. The policy allows customers to have multiple chooses for customization.
  8. The parents discussed the educational chooses for their children.
  9. The government encourages citizens to be informed when making political chooses.
  10. The online survey provided participants with various chooses for feedback options.

Singular Possessive of Choose

The singular possessive form of “Choose” is “Choose’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Choose:

  1. I admire Choose’s determination to succeed.
  2. She is responsible for Choose’s success.
  3. The responsibility lies with Choose’s team.
  4. We appreciate Choose’s decision-making skills.
  5. The outcome depends on Choose’s strategy.
  6. Choose’s opinion carries a lot of weight.
  7. The success is attributed to Choose’s leadership.
  8. Everyone is excited about Choose’s new project.
  9. The focus is on Choose’s goals and objectives.
  10. The spotlight is on Choose’s achievements.

Plural Possessive of Choose

The plural possessive form of “Choose” is “Chooses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Choose:

  1. The responsibilities lie with Chooses’ teams.
  2. The decisions are influenced by Chooses’ preferences.
  3. The outcomes are dependent on Chooses’ strategies.
  4. We admire Chooses’ diverse perspectives.
  5. Chooses’ opinions carry significant weight.
  6. The successes are attributed to Chooses’ collective effort.
  7. The new projects belong to Chooses’ organization.
  8. The focus is on Chooses’ shared goals.
  9. The spotlight is on Chooses’ combined achievements.
  10. The celebrations are for Chooses’ team accomplishments.

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