Pants Plural, What is the Plural of Pants?

Meaning: underpants or knickers

Plural of Pants

Singular Plural
pants pants

Pants as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The new pair of pants fit perfectly.
  2. The stylish pants were made of high-quality fabric.
  3. The tailor altered the length of the customer’s pants.
  4. The fashion designer showcased a collection of trendy pants.
  5. The jogger wore comfortable pants for her morning run.
  6. The student wore dressy pants for the formal event.
  7. The worker put on protective pants before operating the machinery.
  8. The hiker wore durable and waterproof pants for the trail.
  9. The athlete wore compression pants for improved performance.
  10. The traveler packed lightweight pants for the tropical vacation.

Pants as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store had a wide selection of stylish pants.
  2. The fashion show featured models wearing various types of pants.
  3. The athlete’s suitcase was filled with training gear and pants.
  4. The tailor measured the customer’s waist for a new pair of pants.
  5. The retail store offered a sale on men’s and women’s pants.
  6. The joggers passed by, wearing colorful and comfortable pants.
  7. The hikers wore sturdy and breathable pants for the mountain trek.
  8. The students dressed up in matching red and white pants for the event.
  9. The dancers wore sequined and glittery pants for the performance.
  10. The cyclists wore padded pants for long-distance rides.

Singular Possessive of Pants

The singular possessive form of “Pants” is “Pants’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pants:

  1. Pants’s color matches the rest of the outfit.
  2. The length of Pants’s inseam determines the fit.
  3. Pants’s waistband should be adjustable for comfort.
  4. The fabric of Pants’s material is soft and breathable.
  5. The style of Pants’s pockets adds functionality.
  6. Pants’s versatility makes it suitable for various occasions.
  7. The design of Pants’s stitching enhances durability.
  8. Pants’s pleats create an elegant look.
  9. The size of Pants’s belt loops can accommodate different widths.
  10. Pants’s comfort is essential for all-day wear.

Plural Possessive of Pants

The plural possessive form of “Pants” is “Pants'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pants:

  1. The fit of the pants’ waist is adjustable.
  2. Pants’ lengths can vary based on personal preference.
  3. The quality of the pants’ fabric ensures durability.
  4. Pants’ versatility allows for easy styling.
  5. The availability of different colors in the pants’ collection provides options.
  6. Pants’ pockets come in various sizes for convenience.
  7. The hemming of the pants’ cuffs can be customized.
  8. Pants’ comfort level determines their suitability for different activities.
  9. The design of pants’ closures should be secure and reliable.
  10. Pants’ care instructions should be followed for longevity.

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