Innuendo Plural, What is the plural of Innuendo?

Meaning: an allusive or oblique remark or hint, typically a suggestive or disparaging one.

Plural of Innuendo

Singular Plural
Innuendo Innuendos

Innuendo as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The comedian’s joke was filled with innuendo.
  2. She hinted at his secret with subtle innuendo.
  3. The politician used innuendo to tarnish his opponent’s reputation.
  4. The book was full of suggestive innuendo.
  5. His comment carried a hidden innuendo.
  6. The actress delivered her lines with playful innuendo.
  7. The gossip magazine was notorious for its scandalous innuendo.
  8. The artist incorporated subtle innuendo into his artwork.
  9. His words were laced with veiled innuendo.
  10. The song’s lyrics were laden with innuendo.

Innuendo as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The rumors were based on false innuendos.
  2. The tabloid spread scandalous innuendos about the celebrity.
  3. They exchanged playful innuendos throughout the conversation.
  4. The author’s novels were known for their subtle innuendos.
  5. The comedy show was filled with suggestive innuendos.
  6. The article contained veiled innuendos about the politician’s personal life.
  7. The speaker’s speech was laden with sexual innuendos.
  8. The gossip column was full of malicious innuendos.
  9. The courtroom drama was rife with legal innuendos.
  10. The TV show thrived on scandalous innuendos.

Singular Possessive of Innuendo

The singular possessive form of “Innuendo” is “Innuendo’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Innuendo:

  1. The joke’s punchline had a subtle innuendo’s effect.
  2. The writer carefully crafted the innuendo’s implication.
  3. Her smile hinted at the innuendo’s meaning.
  4. The comedian played with the innuendo’s ambiguity.
  5. We were amused by the innuendo’s undertone.
  6. The conversation had an innuendo’s hidden message.
  7. The movie portrayed the character’s innuendo’s intentions.
  8. The politician denied any involvement in the innuendo’s scandal.
  9. The artist expressed emotions through the innuendo’s symbolism.
  10. The poet skillfully conveyed the innuendo’s layers of meaning.

Plural Possessive of Innuendo

The plural possessive form of “Innuendo” is “Innuendos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Innuendo:

  1. The jokes’ innuendos’ implications were cleverly delivered.
  2. The play’s dialogue contained subtle innuendos’ meanings.
  3. Their remarks were filled with innuendos’ double entendres.
  4. The rumors’ innuendos’ effects were damaging.
  5. The article highlighted the innuendos’ suggestive nature.
  6. The gossip column thrived on celebrities’ innuendos’ scandals.
  7. The song’s lyrics were full of innuendos’ innuendos.
  8. The comedian’s routine was peppered with innuendos’ jokes.
  9. The TV show included several innuendos’ allusions.
  10. The novel explored the characters’ innuendos’ hidden motives.

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