Yes Plural, What is the Plural of Yes?

Meaning: affirmative response

Singular and Plural of Yes

Singular Plural
yes Yeses/yesses

Yes as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The yes was a clear indication of her agreement.
  2. The yes brought a smile to his face.
  3. He eagerly awaited her yes as a response.
  4. The yes signaled the beginning of a new opportunity.
  5. The yes was filled with enthusiasm and excitement.
  6. The yes echoed through the room, bringing relief to everyone.
  7. He couldn’t help but feel elated when he heard her yes.
  8. The yes came as a pleasant surprise to everyone.
  9. The yes opened doors to endless possibilities.
  10. The yes was a testament to their strong bond.

Yes as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The room filled with enthusiastic yeses in response.
  2. The team members gave their resounding yeses to the proposal.
  3. The yeses came from all corners of the room.
  4. The yeses indicated unanimous agreement among the group.
  5. The meeting ended with a chorus of enthusiastic yeses.
  6. The organization received overwhelming yeses in support of their cause.
  7. The audience responded with loud and emphatic yeses.
  8. The survey results showed a majority of yeses to the question.
  9. The yeses reflected the collective decision of the team.
  10. The project received numerous positive yeses from stakeholders.

Singular Possessive of Yes 

The singular possessive form of “Yes” is “Yes’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Yes:

  1. I borrowed my friend’s yes for the project.
  2. The decision was ultimately the boss’s yes.
  3. The dog eagerly awaited its owner’s yes for a walk.
  4. The team celebrated the captain’s yes to the new strategy.
  5. The child anxiously waited for their parent’s yes to go outside.
  6. The director gave the actor’s yes for the lead role.
  7. The teacher marked the student’s yes on the test paper.
  8. The coach asked for the player’s yes to join the team.
  9. The supervisor needed the employee’s yes to complete the task.
  10. The company awaited the client’s yes to proceed with the deal.

Plural Possessive of Yes 

The plural possessive form of “Yes” is “Yeses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Yes:

  1. The committee members’ yeses were needed for the proposal.
  2. The team captains’ yeses determined the starting lineup.
  3. The investors’ yeses were crucial for the project’s success.
  4. The customers’ yeses indicated high satisfaction with the product.
  5. The students’ yeses were recorded for the class trip.
  6. The shareholders’ yeses were required to proceed with the merger.
  7. The jury members’ yeses determined the verdict.
  8. The audience’s yeses encouraged the performer to continue.
  9. The board members’ yeses finalized the budget decisions.
  10. The participants’ yeses ensured the event’s smooth execution.

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