Alveolus Plural, What is the plural of Alveolus?

Meaning of Alveolus

The meaning of Alveolus is any of the many tiny air sacs of the lungs which allow for rapid gaseous exchange.

Singular and Plural of Alveolus

The plural of Alveolus is alveoli.

Singular Plural
Alveolus Alveoli

Alveolus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The dentist examined my alveolus during the oral check-up.
  2. The x-ray revealed a fracture in the patient’s alveolus.
  3. The surgeon performed a procedure to repair the damaged alveolus.
  4. The researcher studied the microscopic structure of the alveolus.
  5. The dentist explained the importance of maintaining healthy alveolus.
  6. The patient complained of pain in the alveolus after the tooth extraction.
  7. The dentist fitted a dental implant into the patient’s alveolus.
  8. The anatomy textbook provided detailed information about the structure of the alveolus.
  9. The dentist recommended regular cleaning to prevent infection in the alveolus.
  10. The radiologist identified a tumor in the patient’s lung alveolus.

Alveolus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences

  1. The dentist examined the patient’s healthy alveoli.
  2. The x-ray revealed the presence of infected alveoli.
  3. The lungs are composed of millions of tiny alveoli.
  4. The alveoli exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide during respiration.
  5. The inflammation of the alveoli caused breathing difficulties.
  6. The alveoli provide a large surface area for efficient gas exchange.
  7. The respiratory therapist monitored the patient’s alveoli function.
  8. The cigarette smoke damages the delicate alveoli in the lungs.
  9. The pneumonia infection affected multiple alveoli in the lungs.
  10. The alveoli walls are thin to facilitate the diffusion of gases.

Singular Possessive of Alveolus 

The singular possessive form of “Alveolus” is “Alveolus’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Alveolus:

  1. The alveolus’s structure supports efficient gas exchange.
  2. I observed the alveolus’s response to different stimuli.
  3. The alveolus’s lining is essential for respiratory function.
  4. The doctor explained the importance of the alveolus’s elasticity.
  5. We studied the alveolus’s role in the respiratory system.
  6. Researchers analyzed the alveolus’s microstructure using microscopy.
  7. The lecturer discussed the alveolus’s connection to lung diseases.
  8. The alveolus’s shape facilitates the diffusion of gases.
  9. The scientists explored the alveolus’s interaction with capillaries.
  10. We learned about the alveolus’s role in oxygenation.

Plural Possessive of Alveolus 

The plural possessive form of “Alveolus” is “Alveoli’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Alveolus:

  1. The alveoli’s walls are lined with epithelial cells.
  2. We observed the alveoli’s expansion during inhalation.
  3. The doctor explained the importance of the alveoli’s surfactant.
  4. Researchers studied the alveoli’s response to different pressures.
  5. The alveoli’s structure allows for efficient gas exchange.
  6. We learned about the alveoli’s role in lung ventilation.
  7. The lecturer discussed the alveoli’s connection to respiratory diseases.
  8. The scientists examined the alveoli’s interaction with the bloodstream.
  9. The alveoli’s elasticity aids in the expulsion of air.
  10. Students explored the alveoli’s contribution to respiration.

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