Face Plural, What is the plural of Face?

Meaning: the front part of a person’s head from the forehead to the chin.

Singular and Plural of Face

Singular Plural
Face Faces

Face as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She had a beautiful smile on her face.
  2. The baby’s face lit up with joy.
  3. He leaned closer to examine her expression on her face.
  4. The makeup artist applied foundation to even out her face.
  5. The portrait artist captured the essence of her face on the canvas.
  6. The teacher recognized the confusion on the student’s face.
  7. The actor portrayed a range of emotions on his face.
  8. The surgeon performed delicate surgery on the patient’s face.
  9. The child’s innocent face melted the hearts of those around.
  10. The therapist observed the tension in her client’s face.

Face as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist painted a series of expressive faces.
  2. The crowd wore excited faces as they cheered for their team.
  3. The photographer captured the diverse faces of the city’s residents.
  4. The masks covered their faces during the masquerade ball.
  5. The actors transformed their faces through makeup and prosthetics.
  6. The children’s smiling faces brightened the room.
  7. The portraits displayed a variety of emotions on the subjects’ faces.
  8. The museum showcased an exhibit featuring ancient carved faces.
  9. The comedians entertained the audience with their funny faces.
  10. The book contained a collection of photographs capturing everyday faces.

Singular Possessive of Face

The singular possessive form of “Face” is “Face’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Face:

  1. I could see the fear in Face’s expression.
  2. The smile on Face’s face brightened my day.
  3. The artist captured the emotion in Face’s eyes.
  4. I admire the determination in Face’s features.
  5. The wrinkles on Face’s forehead showed wisdom.
  6. The makeup enhanced Face’s natural beauty.
  7. The photo highlighted the uniqueness of Face’s features.
  8. I noticed a sadness in Face’s downturned mouth.
  9. Face’s vulnerability made me empathize with them.
  10. The scar on Face’s cheek told a story.

Plural Possessive of Face

The plural possessive form of “Face” is “Faces'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Face:

  1. The masks represented different cultures’ faces’.
  2. The portraits captured individuals’ diverse faces’.
  3. The crowd’s faces’ reflected excitement and anticipation.
  4. The mirror revealed the blemishes on faces’.
  5. The film explored society’s perception of different faces’.
  6. The makeup artist showcased their skills on various faces’.
  7. The gallery displayed artists’ interpretations of human faces’.
  8. I appreciate the uniqueness of people’s faces’.
  9. The study analyzed the psychology behind faces’ expressions.
  10. We should celebrate the beauty of all faces’.

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