Cuckoo Plural, What is the Plural of Cuckoo?

Meaning: a long-tailed, medium-sized bird.

Plural of CUCKOO



  • fool
  • insane
  • wacky
  • nuts
  • silly
  • batty
  • daffy

Cuckoo as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I heard a loud cuckoo in the forest.
  2. The sound of the cuckoo echoed through the valley.
  3. The elusive cuckoo is difficult to spot.
  4. The cuckoo perched on a tree branch.
  5. She imitated the call of the cuckoo.
  6. The clock chimed like a cuckoo.
  7. The beautiful plumage of the male cuckoo was mesmerizing.
  8. The cuckoo flew away as I approached.
  9. The children searched for the hidden cuckoo
  10. The farmers listened for the arrival of the first cuckoo.

Cuckoo as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The forest was filled with the songs of cuckoos.
  2. The migration of the cuckoos signaled the change of season.
  3. The children spotted two cuckoos in the tree.
  4. The nests of the cuckoos were well-hidden.
  5. The arrival of the spring brought back the singing cuckoos.
  6. The researchers studied the behavior of the migrating cuckoos.
  7. The population of cuckoos declined due to habitat loss.
  8. The sighting of rare cuckoos excited the birdwatchers.
  9. The colorful feathers of the male cuckoos were a sight to behold.
  10. The bird enthusiasts set up cameras to capture the flying cuckoos.

Singular Possessive of Cuckoo

The singular possessive form of “Cuckoo” is “Cuckoo’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cuckoo:

  1. The sound of the Cuckoo’s call echoed through the forest.
  2. The birdwatcher admired the Cuckoo’s distinctive plumage.
  3. The researcher studied the Cuckoo’s nesting habits.
  4. Cuckoo’s behavior is often associated with brood parasitism.
  5. The clockmaker meticulously crafted the Cuckoo’s mechanical movements.
  6. The park guide explained the Cuckoo’s migratory patterns.
  7. The children imitated the Cuckoo’s call during their nature walk.
  8. The nature photographer captured the Cuckoo’s beauty in a stunning image.
  9. Cuckoo’s presence signaled the arrival of spring.
  10. The naturalist documented the Cuckoo’s habitat and range.

Plural Possessive of Cuckoo

The plural possessive form of “Cuckoo” is “Cuckoos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cuckoo:

  1. The forest resounded with the chorus of Cuckoos’ calls.
  2. The bird enthusiasts observed the nesting behaviors of multiple Cuckoos’.
  3. The field guide highlighted the different species’ Cuckoos’ characteristics.
  4. The researchers studied the Cuckoos’ migration patterns across continents.
  5. The birdwatchers spotted several Cuckoos’ in the treetops.
  6. The conservationist emphasized the importance of protecting the Cuckoos’ habitats.
  7. The ornithologist documented the variations in the Cuckoos’ plumage.
  8. The nature reserve provided a safe haven for the endangered Cuckoos’.
  9. The wildlife photographer captured intimate moments of the Cuckoos’ behavior.
  10. The ornithological society organized a symposium on the Cuckoos’ conservation.

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