Car Plural, What is the plural of Car?

Meaning of Car

a four-wheeled road vehicle.

Singular and Plural of Car

Singular Plural
Car Cars

Car as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He drove a sleek and shiny car to work.
  2. She admired the sporty design of the convertible car.
  3. The mechanic fixed the engine of the broken-down car.
  4. He parked the car in a designated parking spot.
  5. The driver honked the horn of the yellow taxi car.
  6. She fastened her seatbelt before starting the car.
  7. The salesman showcased the latest features of the electric car.
  8. He cleaned the windshield of his dusty car.
  9. The family went on a road trip in their spacious car.
  10. She pumped gas into the empty tank of her car.

Car as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They owned multiple cars of different makes and models.
  2. The dealership displayed a wide selection of new and used cars.
  3. She parked her two cars side by side in the garage.
  4. They washed and waxed their fleet of company cars.
  5. The car enthusiasts attended a car show featuring vintage cars.
  6. He rented several luxury cars for the special occasion.
  7. The auto repair shop serviced various types of cars.
  8. She admired the sleek lines and powerful engines of the sports cars.
  9. The racetrack was filled with the roaring sounds of the speeding cars.
  10. They organized a charity car wash to raise funds for a children’s hospital.

Singular Possessive of Car

The singular possessive form of “Car” is “Car’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Forms of Car:

  1. The Car’s engine purred softly.
  2. The driver checked the Car’s fuel gauge.
  3. We admired the sleek design of the Car’s body.
  4. The mechanic examined the Car’s tires for wear.
  5. The owner cleaned the Car’s windshield with a cloth.
  6. The salesman showcased the Car’s advanced features.
  7. The driver adjusted the Car’s seat for comfort.
  8. The parking attendant guided the Car’s entrance into the lot.
  9. The passenger marveled at the Car’s luxurious interior.
  10. We heard the honking of the Car’s horn from a distance.

Plural Possessive of Car

The plural possessive form of “Car” is “Cars'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Car:

  1. The parking lot was filled with Cars’ headlights.
  2. We admired the variety of colors on the Cars’ exteriors.
  3. The mechanics inspected the Cars’ engines one by one.
  4. The drivers honked their Cars’ horns impatiently.
  5. The showroom showcased the latest models of Cars’.
  6. The passengers adjusted the Cars’ air conditioning settings.
  7. We observed the cleanliness of the Cars’ interiors.
  8. The dealership offered warranties for all the Cars’.
  9. The drivers locked their Cars’ doors before leaving.
  10. The customers compared the Cars’ mileage efficiency.

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