Church Plural, What is the plural of Church?

Meaning of Church

The meaning of Church is a building used for public Christian worship.

Singular and Plural of Church

The plural of Church is Churches. Here are some example sentences and synonyms of Church.


Church as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They attended Sunday service at the beautiful church.
  2. The couple exchanged vows in the historic church.
  3. He lit a candle in the quiet solitude of the church.
  4. She admired the stained glass windows of the ornate church.
  5. The pastor delivered a powerful sermon at the front of the church.
  6. The wedding procession walked down the aisle of the grand church.
  7. He kneeled in prayer at the wooden pew of the small church.
  8. She donated a large sum of money to the local church.
  9. The choir filled the church with angelic voices.
  10. They visited the famous landmark church during their vacation.

Church as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Churches can be found in every town and city.
  2. We visited several churches during our trip abroad.
  3. The churches in this region have beautiful architecture.
  4. Many churches hold services on Sunday mornings.
  5. The churches in the countryside have a peaceful atmosphere.
  6. Churches often play a significant role in community events.
  7. People gather in churches to celebrate religious holidays.
  8. Churches provide a place for worship and reflection.
  9. Churches are important cultural and historical landmarks.
  10. The town has a diverse array of churches representing different religions.

Singular Possessive of Church

The singular possessive form of “Church” is “Church’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Church:

  1. The Church’s bell rang throughout the town.
  2. The priest delivered the Church’s sermon with passion.
  3. We admired the architecture of the Church’s spire.
  4. The congregation gathered inside the Church’s doors.
  5. The caretaker maintained the cleanliness of the Church’s pews.
  6. The wedding ceremony took place in the Church’s sanctuary.
  7. The musician played the organ inside the Church’s hall.
  8. The parishioners lit candles at the Church’s altar.
  9. The stained glass windows adorned the Church’s walls.
  10. We attended the Church’s evening prayer service.

Plural Possessive of Church

The plural possessive form of “Church” is “Churches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Church:

  1. The town had several Churches’ steeples visible from afar.
  2. We admired the diversity of the Churches’ congregations.
  3. The townspeople attended the Churches’ Sunday services.
  4. The communities benefited from the Churches’ charitable work.
  5. The architecture showcased the Churches’ unique styles.
  6. We explored the history behind the Churches’ foundations.
  7. The choir sang hymns at the Churches’ gatherings.
  8. The townsfolk appreciated the Churches’ spiritual guidance.
  9. The neighborhoods surrounded the Churches’ premises.
  10. We photographed the Churches’ exteriors for a project.

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