Clock Plural, What is the Plural of Clock?

Meaning: device for measuring time.

Plural of CLOCK

Singular Plural
Clock Clocks

Synonyms of CLOCK

  • timer
  • alarm
  • metronome
  • pendulum
  • chronograph
  • chronometer
  • hourglass

Clock as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The old grandfather clock chimed loudly every hour.
  2. I glanced at the wall clock and realized I was late.
  3. The antique mantel clock was a family heirloom.
  4. The digital alarm clock woke me up every morning.
  5. The pendulum of the wall clock swung rhythmically.
  6. The cuckoo clock announced the hour with a cheerful chirp.
  7. The oversized wall clock served as a decorative centerpiece.
  8. The tower clock could be heard chiming throughout the town.
  9. The intricate design of the pocket clock fascinated collectors.
  10. The office clock ticked relentlessly, marking the passage of time.

Clock as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The antique clocks lined the shelves of the antique store.
  2. The collection included various styles of vintage clocks.
  3. The two large grandfather clocks dominated the hallway.
  4. The antique dealer showcased a variety of antique clocks.
  5. The precision of the Swiss-made clocks was renowned.
  6. The vintage alarm clocks were highly sought after by collectors.
  7. The antique auction featured a range of ornate mantel clocks.
  8. The antique shop specialized in restoring old mechanical clocks.
  9. The museum displayed a stunning exhibit of ancient sundial clocks.
  10. The street market offered a selection of handmade wooden clocks.

Singular Possessive of Clock

The singular possessive form of “Clock” is “Clock’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Clock:

  1. The clock’s hands were spinning rapidly.
  2. I noticed the clock’s ticking sound.
  3. The alarm went off on the clock’s face.
  4. The hands of the clock’s dial glowed.
  5. The batteries died in the clock’s mechanism.
  6. I set the alarm on the clock’s display.
  7. The pendulum swung on the clock’s wall.
  8. I adjusted the time on the clock’s dial.
  9. The chimes echoed from the clock’s tower.
  10. I checked the time on the clock’s hands.

Plural Possessive of Clock

The plural possessive form of “Clock” is “Clocks'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Clock:

  1. All the clocks’ hands were synchronized.
  2. The alarms went off on the clocks’ faces.
  3. I reset the times on the clocks’ dials.
  4. The batteries needed replacing in the clocks’ mechanisms.
  5. The chimes echoed from the clocks’ towers.
  6. I adjusted the alarms on the clocks’ displays.
  7. The pendulums swung in unison on the clocks’ walls.
  8. I glanced at the times on the clocks’ hands.
  9. The ticking sounds came from the various clocks’ mechanisms.
  10. I admired the craftsmanship of the antique clocks’ designs.

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