Crutch Plural, What is the plural of Crutch?

Meaning: a long stick with a crosspiece at the top, used as a support under the armpit by a person with an injury or disability.

Plural of CRUTCH

Singular Plural
Crutch Crutches


  • cane
  • buttress
  • help
  • aid
  • bolster
  • brace

Crutch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The injured man leaned on a wooden crutch.
  2. She walked with a metal crutch for support.
  3. The doctor provided him with a comfortable crutch.
  4. The old man’s crutch made a rhythmic tapping sound.
  5. The patient adjusted the height of the crutch to fit his arm.
  6. The nurse showed her how to use the crutch
  7. He relied on the crutch to move around after the accident.
  8. The boy decorated his crutch with colorful stickers.
  9. The athlete’s injury required him to use a specialized crutch.
  10. The broken crutch was replaced with a new one.

Crutch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hospital provided patients with pairs of crutches.
  2. The injured athletes walked gingerly with their crutches.
  3. The accident victims relied on their crutches during the recovery.
  4. The physical therapy center had a storage room full of crutches.
  5. The school organized a fundraiser to donate crutches to those in need.
  6. The charity organization collected used crutches for donation.
  7. The rehabilitation center taught patients how to use their crutches.
  8. The injured hiker borrowed a pair of crutches for the trek.
  9. The marathon runner crossed the finish line with his crutches.
  10. The doctor examined the fit of the patient’s new crutches.

Singular Possessive of Crutch

The singular possessive form of “Crutch” is “Crutch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Crutch:

  1. The patient leaned on the Crutch’s handle.
  2. The injury required the use of a Crutch’s support.
  3. The doctor examined the Crutch’s stability.
  4. We noticed the Crutch’s rubber tip.
  5. The elderly relied on the Crutch’s assistance.
  6. The athlete adjusted the Crutch’s height.
  7. The nurse provided the Crutch’s padding.
  8. The physical therapist taught the proper use of the Crutch’s grip.
  9. The stairs challenged the Crutch’s balance.
  10. The accident damaged the Crutch’s frame.

Plural Possessive of Crutch

The plural possessive form of “Crutch” is “Crutches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Crutch:

  1. The patients leaned on the Crutches’ handles.
  2. The injuries required the use of Crutches’ support.
  3. The doctors examined the Crutches’ stability.
  4. We noticed the Crutches’ rubber tips.
  5. The elderly relied on the Crutches’ assistance.
  6. The athletes adjusted the Crutches’ heights.
  7. The nurses provided the Crutches’ padding.
  8. The physical therapists taught the proper use of the Crutches’ grips.
  9. The stairs challenged the Crutches’ balance.
  10. The accidents damaged the Crutches’ frames.

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