Culdesac Plural, What is the Plural of Culdesac?

Meaning: a blind diverticulum or pouch.

Plural of CULDESAC

Singular Plural
Culdesac Culdesacs


  • blind alley.
  • dead end.
  • dead-end street

Culdesac as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The children played safely in the quiet culdesac.
  2. The houses in the culdesac formed a close-knit community.
  3. She parked her car at the end of the culdesac.
  4. The neighbors organized a block party in the culdesac.
  5. The peaceful culdesac was lined with beautiful gardens.
  6. He enjoyed walking his dog around the tranquil culdesac.
  7. The residents held a meeting to discuss neighborhood issues in the culdesac.
  8. She rode her bicycle around the spacious culdesac.
  9. The children’s laughter echoed through the empty culdesac.
  10. He took a leisurely stroll through the leafy culdesac.

Culdesac as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The city had several quiet culsdesac where families lived.
  2. They explored different residential areas with numerous culsdesac.
  3. The real estate agent showed them houses located in peaceful culsdesac.
  4. The neighborhood consisted of several interconnected culsdesac.
  5. The kids played games that spanned across multiple culsdesac.
  6. The neighborhood association organized a party for all the culsdesac.
  7. They enjoyed a sense of security in the gated community with multiple culsdesac.
  8. The houses in the new development were built around charming culsdesac.
  9. The residents formed a close community across the different culsdesac.
  10. They appreciated the privacy and serenity of the winding culsdesac.

Singular Possessive of Culdesac

The singular possessive form of “Culdesac” is “Culdesac’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Culdesac:

  1. The beauty of the Culdesac’s landscaping was captivating.
  2. Culdesac’s location added to its charm.
  3. The residents took pride in their Culdesac’s appearance.
  4. Culdesac’s tranquility was its most appealing feature.
  5. The neighborhood association maintained the Culdesac’s cleanliness.
  6. The homeowners invested in enhancing their Culdesac’s appeal.
  7. Culdesac’s safety measures ensured peace of mind.
  8. The children enjoyed playing in the Culdesac’s cul-de-sac.
  9. Culdesac’s community spirit was evident during events.
  10. The homeowners association organized the Culdesac’s annual block party.

Plural Possessive of Culdesac

The plural possessive form of “Culdesac” is “Culdesacs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Culdesac:

  1. The neighborhoods’ Culdesacs’ appeal attracted many homebuyers.
  2. The residents took care of their Culdesacs’ maintenance collectively.
  3. Culdesacs’ design features varied from one neighborhood to another.
  4. The city planner considered the Culdesacs’ connectivity in the master plan.
  5. Culdesacs’ charm lies in their peaceful atmosphere.
  6. The neighborhoods celebrated the Culdesacs’ unique identities.
  7. The homeowners’ association organized a tour of the Culdesacs’.
  8. Culdesacs’ landscaping enhanced the overall aesthetics.
  9. The families living in the Culdesacs’ knew each other well.
  10. The children played together in the neighboring Culdesacs’.

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