Thorax Plural, What is the Plural of Thorax?

Meaning: part of the body between the neck and abdomen

Singular and Plural of Thorax

Singular Plural
thorax Thoraxes/thoraces.

Thorax as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The thorax protects the vital organs.
  2. She felt pain in her thorax after the fall.
  3. The doctor examined his thorax for any abnormalities.
  4. He was hit in the thorax during the accident.
  5. The butterfly’s colorful wings rested on its thorax.
  6. The bee’s stinger is located on its thorax.
  7. The surgeon made an incision on the patient’s thorax.
  8. The X-ray showed a fracture in his thorax.
  9. The weightlifter flexed his strong thorax muscles.
  10. The bullet pierced through his thorax causing severe injury.

Thorax as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The surgeon operated on both thoraxes simultaneously.
  2. The x-rays revealed fractures in their thoraxes.
  3. The patient’s swollen thoraxes indicated an allergic reaction.
  4. The firefighters checked the victims’ thoraxes for injuries.
  5. The beetles have hard protective shells on their thoraxes.
  6. The researchers dissected the insects’ thoraxes to study their anatomy.
  7. The birds’ feathers covered their sleek thoraxes.
  8. The bodies were found with stab wounds in their thoraxes.
  9. The entomologist examined the beetles’ thoraxes under a microscope.
  10. The museum displayed a collection of insect thoraxes.

Singular Possessive of Thorax

The singular possessive form of “Thorax” is “Thorax’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Thorax:

  1. The Thorax’s location was marked on the diagram.
  2. We examined the Thorax’s internal organs during the dissection.
  3. The doctor was concerned about the Thorax’s abnormal shape.
  4. I felt a sharp pain in my Thorax’s right side.
  5. The x-ray showed a fracture in the Thorax’s rib.
  6. The surgeon operated on the Thorax’s injured artery.
  7. The insect’s wings were attached to its Thorax’s sides.
  8. The scientist studied the Thorax’s structure under a microscope.
  9. The bird’s beak pecked at the Thorax’s exposed flesh.
  10. The butterfly’s colorful patterns adorned its Thorax’s surface.

Plural Possessive of Thorax

The plural possessive form of “Thorax” is “Thoraxes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Thorax:

  1. The beetles’ Thoraxes’ vibrant colors fascinated the entomologist.
  2. The spiders’ hairy legs emerged from their Thoraxes’ joints.
  3. The ants marched in formation, carrying food in their Thoraxes’.
  4. The insects’ Thoraxes’ exoskeletons provided protection.
  5. The bees’ wings beat rapidly above their Thoraxes’.
  6. The beetles’ Thoraxes’ hard shells made them difficult to crush.
  7. The moths’ scales covered their Thoraxes’ surface.
  8. The flies buzzed around, their Thoraxes’ reflecting the sunlight.
  9. The butterflies’ delicate wings were attached to their Thoraxes’.
  10. The wasps’ stingers were located near their Thoraxes’.

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