Workshop Plural, What is the Plural of Workshop?

Meaning: laboratory, mill

Singular and Plural of Workshop


Workshop as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The participants gathered in the workshop to learn new skills.
  2. The artist conducted a painting workshop for beginners.
  3. The workshop focused on personal development and goal setting.
  4. The mechanics conducted a hands-on workshop for car maintenance.
  5. The workshop provided insights into effective communication techniques.
  6. The entrepreneur attended a business strategy workshop.
  7. The teacher led a creative writing workshop for aspiring authors.
  8. The software engineer hosted a coding workshop for students.
  9. The workshop offered tips and tricks for successful job interviews.
  10. The chef conducted a cooking workshop to share culinary secrets.

Workshop as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The company organized multiple workshops throughout the year.
  2. The conference included various interactive workshops on different topics.
  3. The attendees participated in team-building workshops.
  4. The artists collaborated during the group painting workshops.
  5. The workshops provided practical skills for personal growth.
  6. The organization offered professional development workshops for employees.
  7. The workshops aimed to enhance leadership and communication skills.
  8. The participants actively engaged in the design thinking workshops.
  9. The entrepreneurs exchanged ideas during the startup incubation workshops.
  10. The weekend retreat featured yoga and meditation workshops.

Singular Possessive of Workshop 

The singular possessive form of “Workshop” is “Workshop’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Workshop:

  1. The tools in the workshop’s toolbox were neatly organized.
  2. She learned valuable skills at the workshop’s interactive sessions.
  3. Workshop’s success relied on active participation.
  4. The instructor guided the participants through the workshop’s activities.
  5. Workshop’s focus was on practical application.
  6. The participants benefited from the workshop’s expert facilitators.
  7. Workshop’s objectives were clearly outlined from the start.
  8. The attendees actively engaged in the workshop’s discussions.
  9. Workshop’s resources were readily available to all participants.
  10. The certificate acknowledged the completion of the workshop’s program.

Plural Possessive of Workshop 

The plural possessive form of “Workshop” is “Workshops'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Workshop:

  1. The conference featured renowned experts’ workshops’ presentations.
  2. The event offered a variety of industry professionals’ workshops’ insights.
  3. The festival included artists’ workshops’ interactive demonstrations.
  4. The program allowed attendees to choose different workshops’ topics.
  5. The organization offered a series of educational workshops’ benefits.
  6. The convention provided entrepreneurs’ workshops’ strategies for success.
  7. The retreat focused on wellness and provided yoga instructors’ workshops’.
  8. The symposium featured scientists’ workshops’ latest research findings.
  9. The company organized team-building workshops’ to improve collaboration.
  10. The expo showcased various artisans’ workshops’ traditional crafts.

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