Tardy Plural, What is the Plural of Tardy?

Meaning: delaying or delayed beyond the right

Plural of Tardy


 Synonyms of Tardy

  • unpunctual
  • slow
  • running late
  • overdue
  • not on time
  • late
  • dilatory
  • delayed
  • belated
  • behindhand

Tardy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teacher scolded the student for his constant tardy.
  2. His chronic tardy earned him detention.
  3. The principal addressed the issue of student tardy.
  4. The school implemented a policy to reduce tardy.
  5. Her repeated tardy led to a meeting with the parents.
  6. The counselor provided strategies to overcome tardy.
  7. The school bell marked the end of tardy.
  8. The student faced consequences for his habitual tardy.
  9. The attendance record indicated the student’s tardy.
  10. The teacher emphasized the importance of punctuality and being tardy.

Tardy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The students received detentions for their multiple tardies.
  2. The school implemented measures to address student tardies.
  3. The teacher kept a record of student tardies.
  4. The principal warned the students about their frequent tardies.
  5. Her excessive tardies resulted in disciplinary action.
  6. The school policy imposed penalties for late tardies.
  7. The attendance office dealt with student tardies on a daily basis.
  8. The students faced consequences for their repeated tardies.
  9. The school administration addressed the issue of chronic tardies.
  10. The teacher discussed the impact of tardies on academic performance.

Singular Possessive of Tardy

The singular possessive form of “Tardy” is “Tardy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tardy:

  1. The Tardy’s car was parked outside.
  2. I borrowed Tardy’s book for my research.
  3. We attended Tardy’s party last night.
  4. Please take care of Tardy’s dog.
  5. Tardy’s house is undergoing renovations.
  6. The painting in Tardy’s living room is stunning.
  7. I need to return Tardy’s laptop tomorrow.
  8. Tardy’s favorite movie is now playing.
  9. The trophy belongs to Tardy’s team.
  10. Can you pass Tardy’s message to him?

Plural Possessive of Tardy

The plural possessive form of “Tardy” is Tardies’.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tardy:

  1. The Tardies’ cars were parked in a row.
  2. We enjoyed dinner at Tardies’ house.
  3. Tardies’ children performed in the school play.
  4. The park is maintained by Tardies’ committee.
  5. Please hand in Tardies’ permission slips.
  6. The party was hosted at Tardies’ backyard.
  7. We need to pick up Tardies’ groceries.
  8. Tardies’ dog barked at the mailman.
  9. The artwork on Tardies’ walls is impressive.
  10. I’m attending Tardies’ family reunion.

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