Work Plural, What is the Plural of Work?

Meaning: effort, job

Singular and Plural of Work

Singular Plural
work works

Work as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The diligent employee focused on completing her assigned work.
  2. The demanding project required long hours of focused work.
  3. The artist’s studio was filled with unfinished work in progress.
  4. The scientist conducted groundbreaking research in the field of her work.
  5. The professor received recognition for her published work in academia.
  6. The mechanic inspected the car and began the necessary work.
  7. The chef’s culinary work was admired by food critics worldwide.
  8. The poet poured her emotions into her latest work.
  9. The architect presented her innovative design for a public work.
  10. The lawyer prepared meticulously for the upcoming court work.

Work as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The team collaborated on multiple works to complete the project.
  2. The gallery displayed a collection of famous artists’ works.
  3. The library housed a vast collection of literary works.
  4. The museum showcased a retrospective of the artist’s life’s works.
  5. The historian analyzed the author’s body of works to understand their perspective.
  6. The composer’s symphonies were considered his greatest works.
  7. The academic conference discussed groundbreaking research works.
  8. The company recognized its employees’ outstanding works with awards.
  9. The art exhibition featured various works spanning different art movements.
  10. The anthology included a selection of the poet’s best works.

Singular Possessive of Work 

The singular possessive form of “Work” is “Work’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Work:

  1. I need to complete work’s final report by tomorrow.
  2. She takes pride in work’s quality and efficiency.
  3. Work’s challenges often lead to personal growth.
  4. Work’s demands can sometimes be overwhelming.
  5. The deadline for work’s submission is approaching.
  6. Work’s purpose is to contribute to society.
  7. The team celebrated the success of work’s completion.
  8. Work’s fulfillment comes from making a difference.
  9. Work’s rewards are often more than just monetary.
  10. The presentation highlighted work’s significant achievements.

Plural Possessive of Work 

The plural possessive form of “Work” is “Works'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Work:

  1. The artists’ collaboration resulted in impressive works’ exhibition.
  2. The gallery displayed various artists’ works’ styles.
  3. The museum showcased renowned painters’ works’ masterpieces.
  4. The library featured famous authors’ works’ literary contributions.
  5. The exhibition displayed local photographers’ works’ artistic visions.
  6. The concert highlighted different composers’ works’ compositions.
  7. The theater celebrated playwrights’ works’ theatrical brilliance.
  8. The festival displayed filmmakers’ works’ creative storytelling.
  9. The gallery hosted a collection of modern artists’ works’ interpretations.
  10. The retrospective celebrated the legacy of great sculptors’ works’.

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