Holiday Plural, What is the plural of Holiday?

Meaning: an extended period of leisure and recreation.

Plural of Holiday

Singular Plural
Holiday Holidays

Holiday as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I’m looking forward to my upcoming holiday at the beach.
  2. She took a week off work to enjoy a relaxing holiday.
  3. The family decided to spend the holiday visiting relatives.
  4. The hotel offered special packages for couples during the holiday.
  5. We usually exchange gifts on the holiday.
  6. He surprised his parents with a trip for their wedding holiday.
  7. The city was decorated with lights and ornaments for the holiday.
  8. She sent postcards to her friends while on holiday.
  9. They celebrated the holiday by organizing a community event.
  10. The children eagerly anticipated the arrival of the holiday.

Holiday as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They went on a road trip to visit multiple holidays
  2. The couple decided to take two holidays this year.
  3. We always spend the holidays with our extended family.
  4. The travel agency offered attractive packages for the winter holidays.
  5. They decorated their house with festive lights for the holidays.
  6. We exchanged gifts with our friends during the holidays.
  7. The resort was fully booked for the summer holidays.
  8. They visited various countries during their backpacking holidays.
  9. The kids eagerly anticipated the arrival of the school holidays.
  10. The holidays brought a sense of joy and togetherness to the community.

Singular Possessive of Holiday

The singular possessive form of “Holiday” is “Holiday’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Holiday:

  1. I enjoyed Holiday’s festive decorations.
  2. Holiday’s spirit filled the air.
  3. The family gathered for Holiday’s special meal.
  4. I cherished Holiday’s traditions and rituals.
  5. Holiday’s music played in the background.
  6. The children eagerly awaited Holiday’s arrival.
  7. I shared Holiday’s joy with loved ones.
  8. Holiday’s message of gratitude resonated with me.
  9. I prepared Holiday’s favorite dessert.
  10. Holiday’s magic brought smiles to faces.

Plural Possessive of Holiday

The plural possessive form of “Holiday” is “Holidays'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Holiday:

  1. The community celebrated the holidays’ traditions.
  2. I enjoyed the festive atmosphere during the holidays’.
  3. The store displayed decorations for various holidays’.
  4. I visited my relatives during the holidays’.
  5. The school organized activities for the holidays’.
  6. I exchanged gifts with friends during the holidays’.
  7. The neighborhood was adorned with lights for the holidays’.
  8. I appreciated the meaning behind the holidays’.
  9. The calendar marked the dates of upcoming holidays’.
  10. I captured the spirit of the holidays’ in photographs.

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