Attorney Plural, What is the plural of Attorney?

Meaning of Attorney

The meaning of ATTORNEY is: a person appointed to act for another in business or legal matters.

Singular and Plural of Attorney

The plural of Attorney is attorneys.


Attorney as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The skilled attorney presented a strong case in court.
  2. The accused hired a renowned criminal defense attorney.
  3. The determined attorney fought for justice and equality.
  4. The experienced attorney negotiated a favorable settlement.
  5. The dedicated attorney tirelessly prepared for the trial.
  6. The passionate attorney defended the rights of the vulnerable.
  7. The accomplished attorney won numerous legal awards.
  8. The persuasive attorney convinced the jury of his client’s innocence.
  9. The respected attorney advised on complex legal matters.
  10. The successful attorney built a reputation for winning difficult cases.

Attorney as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The skilled attorneys collaborated to solve the complex case.
  2. The defense and prosecution attorneys presented their arguments.
  3. The reputable law firm employed several talented attorneys.
  4. The group of dedicated attorneys formed a pro bono team.
  5. The experienced attorneys offered valuable legal advice.
  6. The jury listened attentively to the arguments from both attorneys.
  7. The team of corporate attorneys advised on the merger negotiations.
  8. The conference hosted a panel discussion with prominent attorneys.
  9. The group of young attorneys organized a networking event.
  10. The legal community recognized the contributions of outstanding attorneys.

Singular Possessive of Attorney 

The singular possessive form of “Attorney” is “Attorney’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Attorney:

  1. The attorney’s argument persuaded the jury to convict.
  2. I consulted the attorney’s legal expertise for advice.
  3. The judge acknowledged the attorney’s objection during the trial.
  4. The client relied on the attorney’s representation in court.
  5. The law firm promoted the attorney’s achievements and successes.
  6. The prosecutor cross-examined the attorney’s witness rigorously.
  7. The defense attorney prepared the attorney’s opening statement carefully.
  8. The legal researcher assisted the attorney’s case with relevant precedents.
  9. The paralegal organized the attorney’s files and documents systematically.
  10. The legal community respected the attorney’s professionalism and integrity.

Plural Possessive of Attorney 

The plural possessive form of “Attorney” is “Attorneys'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Attorney:

  1. The attorneys’ arguments presented compelling evidence to the jury.
  2. I consulted multiple attorneys’ legal expertise for diverse perspectives.
  3. The judges addressed the attorneys’ objections and motions during the trial.
  4. The clients relied on the attorneys’ collective representation in court.
  5. The law firms showcased the attorneys’ combined achievements and successes.
  6. The prosecutors cross-examined the attorneys’ witnesses meticulously.
  7. The defense attorneys prepared the attorneys’ opening statements collaboratively.
  8. The legal researchers supported the attorneys’ cases with extensive precedents.
  9. The paralegals organized the attorneys’ files and documents efficiently.
  10. The legal community recognized the attorneys’ dedication and expertise.

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