Reality Plural, What is the Plural of Reality?

Meaning: the state of things as they actually exist

Singular and Plural of Reality

Singular Plural
reality realities

Reality as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The harsh reality of the situation sank in.
  2. He faced the challenging reality of starting a new business.
  3. The documentary exposed the harsh reality of poverty.
  4. The artist’s paintings depicted a distorted reality.
  5. The therapist helped her confront the painful reality of her past.
  6. The news anchor reported on the current reality of the world.
  7. The novel explored the blurred line between fantasy and reality.
  8. The movie portrayed a gripping reality of war.

Reality as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The realities of their situations differed greatly.
  2. They faced the challenging realities of their respective careers.
  3. The documentaries exposed different harsh realities around the world.
  4. The artists’ works portrayed diverse interpretations of realities.
  5. The therapists helped their clients confront painful realities.
  6. The news anchors reported on various current realities.
  7. The novels explored different blurred lines between fantasy and realities.
  8. The movies portrayed gripping realities of different historical events.

Singular Possessive of Reality 

The singular possessive form of “Reality” is “Reality’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Reality:

  1. The documentary explored Reality’s impact on society.
  2. The philosopher pondered Reality’s true nature.
  3. The scientist studied Reality’s fundamental laws.
  4. The artist depicted Reality’s beauty in their paintings.
  5. The psychologist analyzed Reality’s effect on human behavior.
  6. The author delved into Reality’s complex dimensions.
  7. The photographer captured Reality’s essence in their photographs.
  8. The philosopher questioned Reality’s existence.
  9. The philosopher contemplated Reality’s relationship with perception.
  10. The writer portrayed Reality’s harsh realities in their novel.

Plural Possessive of Reality 

The plural possessive form of “Reality” is “Realities'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Reality:

  1. The novel explored different Realities’ through parallel universes.
  2. The philosopher discussed various Realities’ in their theories.
  3. The documentary series presented different Realities’ around the world.
  4. The scientists investigated multiple Realities’ in quantum physics.
  5. The artists depicted diverse Realities’ in their artwork.
  6. The psychologists studied the impact of different Realities’ on mental health.
  7. The writers portrayed alternate Realities’ in their science fiction stories.
  8. The philosophers debated the nature of multiple Realities’.
  9. The theorists proposed various Realities’ in the field of cosmology.
  10. The scholars examined historical Realities’ through different perspectives.

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