Property Plural, What is the Plural of Property?

Meaning: a thing or things belonging to someone

Singular and Plural of Property


Property as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He inherited a valuable piece of property from his grandfather.
  2. The company invested in commercial property downtown.
  3. She’s looking for a rental property in the city center.
  4. The mansion is an exclusive property with stunning views.
  5. The real estate agent showed them a luxurious beachfront property.
  6. The homeowner decided to sell the property after many years.
  7. The government is responsible for protecting public property.
  8. The artist’s paintings are considered intellectual property.
  9. The family owned a vast agricultural property in the countryside.
  10. The hotel is renowned for its elegant architecture and prime property location.

Property as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The couple invested in multiple rental properties for passive income.
  2. The company manages a diverse portfolio of commercial properties.
  3. They own several residential and commercial properties.
  4. The real estate developer specializes in luxury waterfront properties.
  5. The market value of their investment properties has increased significantly.
  6. The city council proposed new regulations for rental properties.
  7. The company’s primary focus is acquiring distressed properties for renovation.
  8. They are selling their investment properties to fund a new business venture.
  9. The real estate market is experiencing high demand for affordable properties.
  10. The company offers property management services for multiple properties.

Singular Possessive of Property 

The singular possessive form of “Property” is “Property’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Property:

  1. The value of property’s location affects its price.
  2. Property’s maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.
  3. The ownership of property’s rights is legally protected.
  4. Property’s market value fluctuates based on demand.
  5. The sale of property’s assets requires proper documentation.
  6. Property’s development plan is under review.
  7. The evaluation of property’s condition is necessary for insurance.
  8. Property’s potential for growth attracts investors.
  9. The management of property’s finances is crucial.
  10. The transfer of property’s ownership requires legal procedures.

Plural Possessive of Property 

The plural possessive form of “Property” is “Properties'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Property:

  1. The investors’ portfolios include various properties’.
  2. The assessment of properties’ market value is ongoing.
  3. The landlords’ responsibilities include maintaining properties’ condition.
  4. The investors’ interests are safeguarded in properties’ transactions.
  5. The management company oversees multiple properties’ operations.
  6. The tenants’ rights are protected across all properties’.
  7. The diversification of properties’ locations minimizes risk.
  8. The real estate agents’ expertise helps sell properties’.
  9. The landlords’ income is generated from properties’ rental.
  10. The expansion of the company’s portfolio includes new properties’.

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