Touch Plural, What is the Plural of Touch?

Meaning: an act of touching someone

Singular and Plural of Touch

Singular Plural
touch touches

 Touch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The soft touch of the baby’s hand brought joy to the parents.
  2. The artist’s painting conveyed a sense of warmth and touch.
  3. The delicate touch of the pianist created a beautiful melody.
  4. The therapist provided a comforting touch during the massage.
  5. The fabric had a smooth and velvety touch.
  6. The professor discussed the importance of the sense of touch in human perception.
  7. The gentle touch of the breeze cooled the hot summer day.
  8. The painter emphasized the intricate details and touch of light in the artwork.
  9. The blind person relied heavily on the sense of touch to navigate the world.
  10. The sculpture invited viewers to explore its textures through touch.

Touch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The pianist’s nimble touches on the keys captivated the audience.
  2. The painter added final touches of color to complete the artwork.
  3. The decorator carefully arranged the finishing touches in the room.
  4. The masseuse’s expert touches relieved tension and promoted relaxation.
  5. The chef added delicate touches of garnish to enhance the presentation of the dish.
  6. The architect made subtle design touches to create a sense of harmony.
  7. The technician adjusted the settings with precise touches on the control panel.
  8. The makeup artist applied the final touches to perfect the model’s look.
  9. The gardener added artistic touches to the landscaping with colorful flowers.
  10. The writer revised the manuscript, making careful touches to improve the flow of the story.

Singular Possessive of Touch

The singular possessive form of “Touch” is “Touch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Touch:

  1. I borrowed Touch’s book for the weekend.
  2. She admired Touch’s artwork on the wall.
  3. The dog wagged Touch’s tail happily.
  4. The teacher praised Touch’s creativity in the project.
  5. Touch’s car was parked in the driveway.
  6. We admired Touch’s dedication to the task.
  7. The audience applauded Touch’s performance on stage.
  8. The chef prepared Touch’s favorite dish.
  9. The boss commended Touch’s hard work and commitment.
  10. I couldn’t resist Touch’s adorable puppy.

Plural Possessive of Touch

The plural possessive form of “Touch” is “Touches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Touch:

  1. We admired the beauty of Touches’ gardens.
  2. The team members showcased Touches’ talents.
  3. The artists displayed Touches’ paintings in the gallery.
  4. The players celebrated Touches’ victory with joy.
  5. I couldn’t resist Touches’ delicious homemade cookies.
  6. The neighbors were impressed by Touches’ well-maintained lawns.
  7. The company acknowledged Touches’ contributions to the project.
  8. The committee appreciated Touches’ efforts in organizing the event.
  9. The students admired Touches’ knowledge and expertise.
  10. The audience gave a standing ovation to Touches’ outstanding performance.

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