Effort Plural, What is the Plural of Effort?

Meaning: a vigorous or determined attempt.

Plural of Effort

Singular Plural
Effort Efforts


  • achievement
  • struggle
  • training
  • accomplishment
  • act
  • aim
  • application
  • attempt
  • battle
  • creation

Effort as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She put a lot of effort into her presentation.
  2. He admired her dedication and hard effort.
  3. The project required a substantial effort from the team.
  4. She gave her best effort to complete the task.
  5. He appreciated the effort she made to help him.
  6. The coach praised the team for their tremendous effort.
  7. The company recognized her outstanding effort with an award.
  8. They admired her tireless effort to achieve her goals.
  9. The students showed great effort in their academic performance.
  10. He pushed himself to the limit, giving every ounce of effort.

Effort as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Their collective efforts resulted in a successful outcome.
  2. They appreciated the combined efforts of the entire team.
  3. The project required coordinated efforts from multiple departments.
  4. The students’ collaborative efforts produced an impressive final product.
  5. The company acknowledged the employees’ hardworking efforts.
  6. They were inspired by the community’s collective efforts to make a difference.
  7. The team’s synchronized efforts led to victory.
  8. The organization commended the volunteers for their selfless efforts.
  9. Their combined efforts helped solve the complex problem.
  10. The group celebrated the successful outcome of their joint efforts.

Singular Possessive of Effort

The singular possessive form of “Effort” is “Effort’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Effort:

  1. The athlete put all of their effort’s into the race.
  2. The student received recognition for their effort’s in studying.
  3. The teacher praised the student’s effort’s in completing the assignment.
  4. The artist’s masterpiece reflected years of effort’s.
  5. The entrepreneur’s success was the result of persistent effort’s.
  6. The writer poured their effort’s into crafting the novel.
  7. The project’s completion depended on everyone’s effort’s.
  8. The team celebrated the victory after months of hard effort’s.
  9. The scientist’s breakthrough was the culmination of years of effort’s.
  10. The chef’s culinary skills were the product of years of effort’s.

Plural Possessive of Effort

The plural possessive form of “Effort” is “Efforts'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Effort:

  1. The volunteers’ combined efforts’ made a significant impact.
  2. The company recognized its employees’ efforts’ with bonuses.
  3. The organization acknowledged the community’s efforts’ in fundraising.
  4. The team’s success was a result of everyone’s collective efforts’.
  5. The researchers’ efforts’ led to a breakthrough in medical science.
  6. The project’s completion required the coordination of various efforts’.
  7. The government commended the citizens’ efforts’ in disaster relief.
  8. The students’ efforts’ in the charity event raised substantial funds.
  9. The organization supported local initiatives’ efforts’ through grants.
  10. The volunteers’ efforts’ improved the neighborhood’s cleanliness.

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