Ibex Plural, What is the plural of Ibex?

Meaning: a wild mountain goat with long, thick ridged horns and a beard.

Plural of Ibex

Singular Plural
Ibex Ibexes

Ibex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The majestic ibex leaped from one rock to another.
  2. I caught a glimpse of an elusive ibex on the mountainside.
  3. The sure-footed ibex navigated the steep cliffs effortlessly.
  4. The horns of the male ibex were impressively large.
  5. The agile ibex climbed higher and higher with each step.
  6. The sight of the solitary ibex against the mountain backdrop was breathtaking.
  7. The endangered ibex found refuge in the protected reserve.
  8. The climber admired the ibex from afar, appreciating its adaptability.
  9. The ibex gracefully balanced on a narrow ledge.
  10. The local guide pointed out the tracks of the elusive ibex.

Ibex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We spotted a herd of wild ibexes on the mountain slope.
  2. The group of ibexes moved together in a synchronized manner.
  3. The ibexes gathered near a watering hole, quenching their thirst.
  4. The young ibexes playfully chased each other across the meadow.
  5. The sound of the mating calls echoed through the valley as the male ibexes
  6. The population of ibexes in the region was steadily increasing.
  7. The mountain climber admired the grace and agility of the wild ibexes.
  8. The local community worked together to protect the habitat of the endangered ibexes.
  9. The sight of the roaming ibexes was a testament to the resilience of nature.
  10. The hikers observed the social interactions among the group of ibexes.

Singular Possessive of Ibex:

  1. The agility of the ibex’s movements impressed onlookers.
  2. The mountaineer admired the ibex’s ability to scale steep cliffs.
  3. The photographer captured the ibex’s majestic horns in the picture.
  4. The adventurer encountered the ibex’s natural habitat during the expedition.
  5. The hiker followed the ibex’s tracks along the mountain trail.
  6. The wildlife documentary showcased the ibex’s survival techniques.
  7. The conservationist worked towards preserving the ibex’s population.
  8. The researcher studied the ibex’s behavior in different seasons.
  9. The explorer marveled at the ibex’s adaptability to harsh environments.
  10. The mountaineering guide shared stories of encounters with ibex’s.

Plural Possessive of Ibexes:

  1. The climbers observed a herd of ibexes’ scaling the rocky slopes.
  2. The wildlife reserve protected the habitat of the endangered ibexes’.
  3. The nature enthusiasts spotted the ibexes’ distinctive silhouettes on the horizon.
  4. The researchers documented the migration routes of the ibexes’.
  5. The mountaineers captured breathtaking photos of the ibexes’ acrobatic jumps.
  6. The tour guide explained the significance of the ibexes’ presence in the ecosystem.
  7. The nature photographers focused on capturing the ibexes’ social interactions.
  8. The biologists conducted a population study on the ibexes’ genetic diversity.
  9. The hikers admired the ibexes’ surefootedness on treacherous terrain.
  10. The climbers respected the ibexes’ natural habitat and maintained a safe distance.

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