Tallit Plural, What is the Plural of Tallit?

Meaning: a shawl with fringed corners

Plural of Tallit


Synonyms of Tallit

  • stole
  • serape
  • scarf
  • mantle
  • manta
  • fichu
  • cloth

Tallit as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He wore a traditional tallit during the religious ceremony.
  2. The prayer shawl had intricate patterns on the tallit.
  3. The rabbi draped the tallit over his shoulders.
  4. The congregation sang while holding their tallit.
  5. She embroidered her initials on her personal tallit.
  6. The bar mitzvah boy received a special tallit as a gift.
  7. The synagogue displayed historical tallits in a glass case.
  8. The Jewish community celebrated with a dance around the tallit.

Tallit as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The synagogue provided a collection of colorful tallits for worshippers.
  2. They draped their tallits over their arms during prayer.
  3. The women in the congregation wore delicate lace tallits.
  4. The cantor led the service while holding the sacred tallits.
  5. The religious school taught the children how to properly wear tallits.
  6. The craftspeople designed and weaved unique tallits.
  7. The family passed down their ancestral tallits through generations.
  8. The Jewish wedding ceremony included the exchange of personalized tallits.

Singular Possessive of Tallit

The singular possessive form of “Tallit” is “Tallit’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tallit:

  1. I borrowed Tallit’s fringed prayer shawl.
  2. The color of Tallit’s silk fabric is vibrant.
  3. The rabbi’s sermon focused on Tallit’s significance.
  4. Tallit’s intricate embroidery caught everyone’s attention.
  5. I admired the beauty of Tallit’s tassels.
  6. The weight of Tallit’s wool was comforting.
  7. Tallit’s tradition dates back centuries.
  8. We gathered around Tallit’s ceremonial table.
  9. The rabbi wrapped himself in Tallit’s sacred garment.
  10. The synagogue displayed Tallit’s craftsmanship with pride.

Plural Possessive of Tallit

The plural possessive form of “Tallit” is “Tallits’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tallit:

  1. The congregation marveled at the synagogue’s collection of Tallits’.
  2. The rabbis shared the stories behind Tallits’ designs.
  3. Tallits’ prayer shawls adorned the ark in the synagogue.
  4. We examined the patterns on Tallits’ woven fabric.
  5. The community donated funds for new Tallits’.
  6. Each of the students received Tallits’ personalized with their names.
  7. The synagogue hosted a workshop on Tallits’ care and maintenance.
  8. We celebrated the holiday by wearing our Tallits’.
  9. The congregation’s generosity provided needy individuals with Tallits’.
  10. The artisans’ skill was evident in the quality of Tallits’ craftsmanship.

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