Survey Plural, What is the Plural of Survey?

Meaning: look closely at or examine

Plural of Survey


 Synonyms of Survey

  • synopsis
  • study
  • scrutiny
  • scrutinization
  • review
  • overview
  • inspection
  • exploration
  • examination
  • consideration
  • appraisal

Survey as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They conducted a thorough survey to gather data.
  2. The customer satisfaction survey is available online.
  3. She filled out the online shopping experience survey.
  4. The survey revealed interesting insights about consumer behavior.
  5. He designed a comprehensive market research survey.
  6. They sent out a customer feedback survey to improve their services.
  7. The annual employee satisfaction survey was due.
  8. The survey showed a high level of customer engagement.
  9. She participated in a health and wellness survey.
  10. The company conducted a nationwide opinion survey.

Survey as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They sent out multiple surveys to different target groups.
  2. The surveys collected valuable feedback from the customers.
  3. The research team analyzed the responses from the online surveys.
  4. They compiled the data from the customer satisfaction surveys.
  5. The company conducted several market research surveys.
  6. They distributed the customer feedback surveys during the event.
  7. The team presented their findings based on the completed surveys.
  8. The surveys indicated a positive response from the participants.
  9. She received an incentive for completing the online health surveys.
  10. The organization conducted periodic opinion surveys.

Singular Possessive of Survey

The singular possessive form of “Survey” is “Survey’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Survey:

  1. We analyzed the survey’s results to gather insights.
  2. Survey’s accuracy depends on the sample size.
  3. We conducted survey’s to understand consumer behavior.
  4. The survey’s findings revealed interesting trends.
  5. Survey’s methodology plays a crucial role in data collection.
  6. We examined the survey’s questions for clarity.
  7. Survey’s impact on decision-making is significant.
  8. We reviewed the survey’s response rate.
  9. Survey’s results guided our strategic planning.
  10. The survey’s reliability is essential for accurate analysis.

Plural Possessive of Survey

The plural possessive form of “Survey” is “Surveys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Survey:

  1. The surveys’ findings provided valuable insights.
  2. We analyzed multiple surveys’ data to identify patterns.
  3. Surveys’ sample sizes varied across different studies.
  4. We compared the surveys’ methodologies for consistency.
  5. The surveys’ results influenced policy decisions.
  6. We collected feedback from the surveys’ participants.
  7. Surveys’ impact on market research is significant.
  8. We conducted several surveys’ to validate our hypothesis.
  9. The surveys’ accuracy was crucial for statistical analysis.
  10. We reviewed the surveys’ conclusions for further investigation.

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