Say Plural, What is the Plural of Say?


Noun: an expression of words or thoughts spoken

Verb: to speak of something

Singular and Plural of Say

Singular Plural
say says

Say as a Plural in Example Sentences:

  1. They say the meeting will be postponed.
  2. We say it’s time for a change.
  3. The students say the test was difficult.
  4. People say laughter is the best medicine.
  5. Experts say exercise is crucial for good health.
  6. Parents say children grow up so fast.
  7. Scientists say climate change is a pressing issue.
  8. Critics say the movie is a masterpiece.
  9. Fans say the band’s new album is amazing.
  10. Customers say this restaurant has great food.

Say as a Singular in Example Sentences:

  1. She says she wants to travel the world.
  2. He says he’ll be late for the meeting.
  3. The teacher says the homework is due tomorrow.
  4. The doctor says I need to get more sleep.
  5. The boss says we need to work harder.
  6. The coach says practice makes perfect.
  7. The weatherman says it will rain tomorrow.
  8. The author says the book is based on true events.
  9. The chef says this dish is his specialty.
  10. The therapist says it’s important to communicate openly.

Singular Possessive of Say 

The singular possessive form of “Say” is “Say’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Say

  1. The teacher appreciated the student’s say’s in class discussions.
  2. The president valued the advisor’s say’s in policy decisions.
  3. The boss acknowledged the employee’s say’s during the meeting.
  4. The parent respected the child’s say’s regarding their preferences.
  5. The author expressed the character’s say’s through dialogue.
  6. The therapist encouraged the patient’s say’s during therapy sessions.
  7. The judge considered the lawyer’s say’s in the courtroom.
  8. The committee weighed the expert’s say’s before making a decision.
  9. The journalist reported the politician’s say’s on the controversial issue.
  10. The interviewer listened to the interviewee’s say’s about their experiences.

Plural Possessive of Say 

The plural possessive form of “Say” is “Says'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Say

  1. The citizens’ says’ shaped public opinion on the matter.
  2. The protesters’ says’ echoed throughout the streets.
  3. The stakeholders’ says’ influenced the project’s outcome.
  4. The scholars’ says’ reflected various perspectives on the topic.
  5. The participants’ says’ were recorded for further analysis.
  6. The customers’ says’ guided the company’s product development.
  7. The survey respondents’ says’ indicated a diverse range of opinions.
  8. The focus group members’ says’ provided valuable insights.
  9. The team members’ says’ were taken into account during the decision-making process.
  10. The community members’ says’ were considered during the town hall meeting.

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