Abacus Plural, What is the plural of Abacus?

Meaning of Abacus

The meaning of Abacus is a simple device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid.

Singular and Plural of Abacus

The plural of Abacus is Abacuses. Here are some example sentences and synonyms of Abacus.

Singular Plural
Abacus Abacuses

Abacus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The child learned to count on the abacus.
  2. The abacus is an ancient calculating device.
  3. The teacher demonstrated how to use the abacus.
  4. The student practiced arithmetic on the abacus.
  5. The mathematician found comfort in the precision of the abacus.
  6. The artisan crafted a beautiful abacus from wood.
  7. The inventor designed a modernized electronic abacus.
  8. The museum displayed an ancient abacus from China.
  9. The workshop offered classes on using the abacus.
  10. The parent bought an abacus to help their child learn math.

Abacus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The children played with their colorful abacuses.
  2. The store sold various types of abacuses.
  3. The mathematicians used electronic abacuses for complex calculations.
  4. The archaeologists discovered ancient abacuses in the ruins.
  5. The students competed in a contest using their abacuses.
  6. The classroom was filled with rows of abacuses.
  7. The enthusiasts collected antique abacuses as a hobby.
  8. The teacher distributed abacuses to each student.
  9. The exhibition showcased different types of abacuses from around the world.
  10. The mathematicians discussed the history and development of abacuses.

Singular Possessive of Abacus

The singular possessive: “Abacus’s”.


  1.   Abacus’s beads aid in calculations.
  2.   I borrowed Abacus’s tool for the task.
  3.   Abacus’s frame is made of wood.
  4.   The weight of Abacus’s counters matters.
  5.   Fixing Abacus’s broken part is crucial.
  6.   Abacus’s purpose is mathematical computation.
  7.   Abacus’s design is simple and efficient.
  8.   Abacus’s technique enhances arithmetic skills.
  9.   Abacus’s speed impresses math enthusiasts.
  10. Abacus’s usage is taught in some schools.

Plural Possessive of Abacus

The plural possessive: “Abacuses'”.


  1.   The students’ abacuses’ beads are colorful.
  2.   Organize the abacuses’ storage area properly.
  3.   Abacuses’ mechanisms exhibit intricate details.
  4.   The teachers’ abacuses’ counters aid in teaching.
  5.   Maintenance of the abacuses’ frames is essential.
  6.   The value of the abacuses’ components varies.
  7.   The students’ abacuses’ techniques improve gradually.
  8.   The teachers’ abacuses’ capabilities are demonstrated.
  9.   Abacuses’ calculations exhibit impressive accuracy.
  10. Abacuses’ designs and sizes vary in the market.

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