Talus Plural, What is the Plural of Talus?

Meaning: the large bone in the ankle

Plural of Talus

Singular Plural
talus tali

 Synonyms of Talus

  • tarsus
  • bone
  • astragalus
  • anklebone

Talus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I slipped and twisted my talus
  2. The doctor examined the patient’s fractured talus.
  3. The hiker felt intense pain in his swollen talus.
  4. She wore a brace to support her injured talus.
  5. The X-ray revealed a hairline fracture in the talus.
  6. He underwent surgery to repair his shattered talus.
  7. The athlete’s career was jeopardized by a damaged talus.
  8. The doctor recommended rest and elevation for the injured talus.
  9. The physical therapist provided exercises to strengthen the weak talus.
  10. The hiker’s misstep caused a severe sprain in his talus.

Talus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hikers carefully navigated the rocky talus.
  2. The mountaineers climbed over the steep talus.
  3. The trekkers descended the loose talus
  4. The climbers scrambled up the boulder-strewn talus
  5. The geologist studied the composition of the scattered talus.
  6. The explorers hiked through the jumbled talus
  7. The researchers collected samples from the fallen talus
  8. The group encountered an obstacle of fallen talus
  9. The hikers used caution while crossing the unstable talus.
  10. The adventurers reached the summit surrounded by rugged talus.

Singular Possessive of Talus

The singular possessive form of “Talus” is “Talus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Talus:

  1. The doctor examined Talus’s injured ankle.
  2. The hiker felt a sharp pain in Talus’s bone.
  3. Talus’s structure supports the body’s weight.
  4. The x-ray revealed a fracture in Talus’s bone.
  5. The athlete focused on rehabilitating Talus’s injury.
  6. The orthopedic surgeon specialized in treating Talus’s conditions.
  7. Talus’s role in ankle movement is crucial.
  8. The physical therapist recommended exercises for strengthening Talus’s muscles.
  9. The dancer’s performance relied on Talus’s stability.
  10. The anatomy textbook explained the function of Talus’s bone.

Plural Possessive of Talus

The plural possessive form of “Talus” is “Taluses’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Talus:

  1. The hikers admired the strength of the mountain Taluses’.
  2. The researchers studied the fossils of ancient Taluses’.
  3. The climbers faced challenges navigating the rocky Taluses’.
  4. Taluses’ shape and size vary among different species.
  5. The geologists examined the composition of the mountain Taluses’.
  6. The expedition discovered a rare species of moss on the Taluses’ surface.
  7. Taluses’ stability is crucial for the ecosystem’s balance.
  8. The archaeologists found ancient artifacts buried within the Taluses’.
  9. The environmentalists raised concerns about preserving the natural habitat of Taluses’.
  10. The mountaineers secured their ropes on the steep Taluses’.

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