Talisman Plural, What is the Plural of Talisman?

Meaning: an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone

Plural of Talisman

Singular Plural
talisman talismans

Synonyms of Talisman

  • totem
  • talisman
  • phylactery
  • noun
  • mascot
  • lucky charm
  • juju
  • idol
  • fetish
  • charm

Talisman as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He carried a lucky talisman in his pocket.
  2. The necklace had a pendant in the shape of a talisman.
  3. The old book contained a protective talisman
  4. The magician used a crystal ball as a talisman.
  5. She believed the horseshoe was a talisman for good fortune.
  6. The athlete wore a special bracelet as a talisman.
  7. The shaman blessed the travelers’ talisman before their journey.
  8. The ancient civilization had sacred stones as talismans.

Talisman as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The museum displayed a collection of ancient talismans.
  2. They believed in the power of multiple protective talismans.
  3. The shop offered a wide variety of mystical talismans.
  4. The archaeological dig unearthed several historical talismans.
  5. The folklore was filled with stories about enchanted talismans.
  6. The sorcerer’s cave was adorned with mysterious talismans.
  7. The tradition called for passing down family talismans for generations.
  8. The treasure hunters sought after hidden mystical talismans.

Singular Possessive of Talisman

The singular possessive form of “Talisman” is “Talisman’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Talisman:

  1. The witch cherished her magical talisman’s power.
  2. The explorer believed in his lucky talisman’s protection.
  3. The athlete wore a sports-related talisman’s pendant.
  4. The spiritual guide offered guidance through her ancient talisman’s.
  5. The collector displayed the ancient talisman’s in a museum.
  6. The believer attributed his success to a special talisman’s.
  7. The fortune-teller used a crystal talisman’s for divination.
  8. The healer believed in the healing properties of specific talisman’s.
  9. The traveler carried a symbolic talisman’s for safe journeys.
  10. The wizard relied on his enchanted talisman’s for magic spells.

Plural Possessive of Talisman

The plural possessive form of “Talisman” is “Talismans'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Talisman:

  1. The witches guarded their magical talismans’ secrets.
  2. The adventurers believed in the protective powers of their lucky talismans’.
  3. The athletes wore sports-related talismans’ for good luck.
  4. The spiritual guides shared the wisdom of ancient talismans’.
  5. The collectors displayed a wide variety of ancient talismans’ in their exhibits.
  6. The believers attributed their collective success to their special talismans’.
  7. The fortune-tellers used various crystal talismans’ for divination.
  8. The healers prescribed different types of talismans’ for healing purposes.
  9. The travelers carried symbolic talismans’ from different cultures.
  10. The wizards created powerful spells using multiple enchanted talismans’.

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