Tableau Plural, What is the Plural of Tableau?

Meaning: a group of models or motionless figures

Plural of Tableau

Singular Plural
tableau tableaus

 Synonyms of Tableau

  • tableau vivant
  • scene
  • representation
  • portrayal
  • picture
  • parade
  • painting
  • pageant
  • image
  • illustration

Tableau as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist painted an exquisite tableau on the canvas.
  2. The museum displayed a captivating tableau of sculptures.
  3. The sunset created a picturesque natural tableau.
  4. The play opened with a stunning theatrical tableau.
  5. The photographer captured a lively urban tableau.
  6. The historical reenactment presented a vivid living tableau.
  7. The ballet performance portrayed a graceful dance tableau.
  8. The exhibition showcased an interactive multimedia tableau.

Tableau as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The art gallery exhibited various modern tableaux.
  2. The museum housed a collection of Renaissance tableaux.
  3. The artist’s studio was filled with unfinished tableaux.
  4. The exhibition highlighted the artist’s diverse tableaux.
  5. The theater showcased several dramatic and emotional tableaux.
  6. The art class created their own unique tableaux.
  7. The photography exhibit featured stunning nature tableaux.
  8. The performance art piece incorporated multiple interactive tableaux.

Singular Possessive of Tableau:

The singular possessive form of “Tableau” is “Tableau’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tableau:

  1. The artist signed the bottom corner of the tableau’s canvas.
  2. The gallery displayed the tableau’s vibrant colors and brushwork.
  3. The art critic analyzed the tableau’s composition and symbolism.
  4. The collector acquired the tableau’s masterpiece for a high price.
  5. The museum showcased the tableau’s historical significance.
  6. The painter captured a scene’s essence in the tableau’s details.
  7. The photographer framed the tableau’s subjects within the shot.
  8. The curator curated the tableau’s placement in the exhibition.
  9. The art enthusiast admired the tableau’s realism and depth.
  10. The auctioneer appraised the tableau’s value based on artist reputation.

Plural Possessive of Tableau:

The plural possessive form of “Tableau” is “Tableaux’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tableau:

  1. The art museum showcased various artists’ tableaux’s.
  2. The collectors purchased several famous painters’ tableaux’s.
  3. The gallery exhibited a collection of contemporary tableaux’s.
  4. The curator organized the tableaux’s thematically for the exhibition.
  5. The auction featured renowned artists’ most valuable tableaux’s.
  6. The art critics debated the meaning behind the different tableaux’s.
  7. The art class studied and recreated famous tableaux’s.
  8. The art historians analyzed the cultural context of multiple historical tableaux’s.
  9. The gallery offered workshops on painting techniques for creating tableaux’s.
  10. The art lovers admired the museum’s diverse collection of tableaux’s.

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