Tablet Plural, What is the Plural of Tablet?

Meaning: a flat slab of stone

Plural of Tablet


Synonyms of Tablet

  • tombstone
  • stone
  • slab
  • sign
  • plate
  • plaque
  • panel
  • memorial
  • headstone

Tablet as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He read an e-book on his tablet during the flight.
  2. The doctor reviewed the patient’s medical records on a tablet.
  3. She used a tablet to take notes during the meeting.
  4. The artist drew digital illustrations on her tablet.
  5. The teacher showed educational videos on the classroom tablet.
  6. The engineer used a tablet to control the robotic arm.
  7. The pharmacist entered prescription information into the tablet.
  8. The traveler used a translation app on his tablet.

Tablet as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The company provided the employees with new tablets.
  2. They used the tablets to access the online training modules.
  3. The students brought their own tablets to class.
  4. The hospital implemented a system for electronic tablets.
  5. The conference distributed promotional materials on branded tablets.
  6. The children played educational games on the interactive tablets.
  7. The museum offered audio guides on handheld tablets.
  8. The sales team used the tablets to showcase product demos.

Singular Possessive of Tablet

The singular possessive form of “Tablet” is “Tablet’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tablet:

  1. I borrowed my friend’s tablet for the presentation.
  2. The tablet’s battery needs to be charged.
  3. The screen of the tablet cracked.
  4. My brother’s tablet has a stylus pen.
  5. Can I use your tablet’s camera?
  6. The memory capacity of the tablet is impressive.
  7. The price of the tablet’s accessories is high.
  8. She carries her tablet everywhere she goes.
  9. The tablet’s operating system is user-friendly.
  10. My dad’s tablet has a larger screen than mine.

Plural Possessive of Tablet

The plural possessive form of “Tablet” is “Tablets’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tablet:

  1. All of my classmates’ tablets were stolen.
  2. The students’ tablets were synchronized for the test.
  3. The batteries of the tablets need replacement.
  4. The software updates for the tablets’ operating systems are available.
  5. The storage capacities of the tablets are different.
  6. The prices of the tablets’ cases are reasonable.
  7. They all rely on their tablets for work.
  8. The tablets’ screens are scratch-resistant.
  9. Can I borrow one of your tablets’ chargers?
  10. The tablets’ Wi-Fi connectivity is excellent.

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