Table Plural, What is the Plural of Table?

Meaning: a piece of furniture with a flat top

Plural of Table

Singular Plural
table tables

Synonyms of Table

  • worktop
  • worktable
  • workbench
  • work surface
  • top
  • surface
  • stand
  • horizontal surface
  • desk
  • counter
  • buffet
  • board
  • bench

Table as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I placed the table in the corner of the room.
  2. The lamp stood on the table beside the bed.
  3. She wrote a note on the small table.
  4. The teacher’s desk was cluttered with table.
  5. The family gathered around the dining table.
  6. The coffee spilled onto the wooden table.
  7. The cat jumped onto the kitchen table.
  8. He knocked over the glass on the table.

Table as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The conference room had many tables for participants.
  2. They set up the picnic area with several tables.
  3. The flea market was filled with vendors’ tables.
  4. The restaurant had both small and large tables.
  5. The students sat at the round classroom tables.
  6. The event venue provided folding tables and chairs.
  7. The outdoor café had shaded patio tables.
  8. The display featured beautifully crafted wooden tables.

Singular Possessive of Table:

The singular possessive form of “Table” is “Table’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Table:

  1. The waiter cleaned the table’s surface between customers.
  2. The hostess set the table’s silverware and napkins.
  3. The designer selected the table’s materials and dimensions.
  4. The office manager organized the table’s documents and files.
  5. The homeowner placed a vase of flowers on the table’s centerpiece.
  6. The chef prepared the meal and served it on the table’s plates.
  7. The decorator added a tablecloth to enhance the table’s appearance.
  8. The student spread out the books on the table’s surface for studying.
  9. The customer requested a reservation for a table’s seating.
  10. The carpenter built a custom-made table’s frame and legs.

Plural Possessive of Table:

The plural possessive form of “Table” is “Tables'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Table:

  1. The restaurant rearranged the tables’ layout for a private event.
  2. The conference hall provided each speaker with individual tables’.
  3. The venue rented out the tables’ and chairs for weddings.
  4. The cafe had a variety of tables’ for customers to choose from.
  5. The office arranged the tables’ in clusters for team collaboration.
  6. The banquet hall decorated the tables’ with floral arrangements.
  7. The library reserved the study area tables’ for quiet reading.
  8. The classroom assigned the students to different tables’ for group projects.
  9. The outdoor event had picnic tables’ for guests to enjoy their meals.
  10. The furniture store displayed a range of dining tables’ in different styles.

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