Your Plural, What is the Plural of Your?

Meaning: associated with the person

Singular and Plural of Your

Singular Plural
your your

Your as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Your opinion matters in this discussion.
  2. Can I borrow your pen for a moment?
  3. Please provide your contact information on the form.
  4. Take care of your health by eating nutritious food.
  5. Make sure to lock your car before leaving.
  6. I admire your dedication to your work.
  7. Did you receive your package in the mail?
  8. Is this your first time visiting this city?
  9. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella if it rains.
  10. It’s important to respect your elders.

Your as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I appreciate all of your efforts in this project.
  2. Have your parents seen your new artwork?
  3. Can I have one of your cookies, please?
  4. The teacher commended your group for the presentation.
  5. Did your friends enjoy the movie last night?
  6. Make sure to gather your belongings before leaving.
  7. Your contributions to the charity are greatly appreciated.
  8. Have your passports ready for inspection.
  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
  10. I hope your vacations were enjoyable.

Singular Possessive of Your 

The singular possessive form of “Your” is “Your’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Your:

  1. May I borrow Your’s for a moment?
  2. I love the color of Your’s notebook.
  3. Your’s pen writes smoothly on paper.
  4. The tip of Your’s marker is dried out.
  5. Your’s pencil case is very organized.
  6. Can I use Your’s laptop charger, please?
  7. I noticed a scratch on Your’s phone screen.
  8. The design on Your’s backpack is unique.
  9. Your’s backpack has a lot of compartments.
  10. Don’t forget to take Your’s water bottle with you.

Plural Possessive of Your 

The plural possessive form of “Your” is “Yours'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Your:

  1. These folders are Yours’; please take them.
  2. The students appreciated Yours’ creativity.
  3. The bags on the floor are all Yours’.
  4. The keys in the drawer are Yours’.
  5. Please return Yours’ textbooks to the library.
  6. The students admired Yours’ teamwork.
  7. The artwork on the walls is all Yours’.
  8. The laptops in the lab are Yours’.
  9. The documents in the folder are Yours’.
  10. The chairs at the meeting are Yours’.

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