Stare Plural, What is the Plural of Stare?

Meaning: look fixedly at someone

Plural of Stare


Synonyms of Stare

  • survey
  • study
  • peer
  • ogle
  • observe
  • look vacantly
  • look fixedly
  • leer
  • goggle
  • glare
  • gaze
  • gawk
  • gape

Stare as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I couldn’t help but notice his intense stare.
  2. Her vacant stare sent shivers down my spine.
  3. The professor fixed his stern stare on the student.
  4. The baby’s innocent blue stare melted my heart.
  5. His intense stare made me feel uncomfortable.
  6. The actress delivered her lines with a distant stare.
  7. The old man’s glassy stare hinted at his loneliness.
  8. She greeted me with a warm, welcoming stare.
  9. The detective’s piercing stare revealed nothing.
  10. His cold stare made me regret my actions.

Stare as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The audience fixed their eager stares on the stage.
  2. Their unblinking stares made me self-conscious.
  3. The children’s curious stares followed the street performer.
  4. The teachers exchanged puzzled stares during the meeting.
  5. The crowd’s collective stares made her nervous.
  6. Their intense stares conveyed their disbelief.
  7. The cats’ unblinking stares gave me the creeps.
  8. The passengers’ weary stares showed their exhaustion.
  9. The soldiers’ vigilant stares scanned the horizon.
  10. The twins’ mischievous stares hinted at their prank.

Singular Possessive of Stare

The singular possessive form of “Stare” is “Stare’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Stare:

  1. I admired Stare’s beauty from afar.
  2. The intensity of Stare’s gaze was unsettling.
  3. The depths of Stare’s eyes held mysteries.
  4. I followed Stare’s direction with curiosity.
  5. Stare’s presence captivated the entire room.
  6. The power of Stare’s stare was mesmerizing.
  7. The allure of Stare’s eyes was irresistible.
  8. The vulnerability in Stare’s gaze touched my heart.
  9. I was lost in Stare’s penetrating gaze.
  10. I couldn’t escape Stare’s watchful eyes.

Plural Possessive of Stare

The plural possessive form of “Stare” is “Stares'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Stare:

  1. The intensity of the stares’ gaze was unsettling.
  2. I felt the weight of the stares’ judgment.
  3. The collective force of the stares’ scrutiny was overwhelming.
  4. The stares’ focus made me self-conscious.
  5. I could sense the curiosity in the stares’ eyes.
  6. The combined power of the stares’ intensity was intimidating.
  7. I tried to ignore the piercing nature of the stares’ gaze.
  8. The weight of the stares’ expectations was heavy.
  9. I couldn’t help but feel judged by the stares’ scrutiny.
  10. The significance of the stares’ presence was undeniable.

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