Cupful Plural, What is the plural of Cupful?

Meaning: the amount held by a cup.

Plural of CUPFUL

Singular Plural
Cupful Cupfuls


  • bowl
  • chalice
  • demitasse
  • drink
  • mug
  • beaker
  • cannikin

Cupful as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She measured a cupful of flour for the recipe.
  2. He poured a cupful of milk into the bowl.
  3. The recipe called for a cupful of sugar.
  4. She enjoyed a steaming cupful of hot chocolate.
  5. He savored a refreshing cupful of iced tea.
  6. The bartender served a generous cupful of beer.
  7. She stirred a cupful of broth into the soup.
  8. He poured a fragrant cupful of coffee from the pot.
  9. The chef added a flavorful cupful of spices to the sauce.
  10. She scooped a creamy cupful of ice cream into the bowl.

Cupful as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The recipe required several cupfuls of chopped vegetables.
  2. They drank multiple cupfuls of their favorite beverage.
  3. The guests enjoyed several delicious cupfuls of punch.
  4. She measured out the necessary cupfuls of ingredients for the cake.
  5. They shared laughter over multiple cupfuls of tea.
  6. The barista prepared multiple flavorful cupfuls of espresso.
  7. He poured several aromatic cupfuls of freshly brewed coffee.
  8. The caterer served generous cupfuls of soup to the guests.
  9. They indulged in multiple sweet cupfuls of dessert.
  10. She handed out refreshing cupfuls of lemonade at the party.

Singular Possessive of Cupful

The singular possessive form of “Cupful” is “Cupful’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cupful:

  1. I poured the Cupful’s contents into the mixing bowl.
  2. The recipe required a Cupful’s measurement of flour.
  3. The baker’s precision ensured the perfect Cupful’s accuracy.
  4. Cupful’s contribution to the recipe couldn’t be underestimated.
  5. The chef added a Cupful’s worth of spices to the dish.
  6. The measurement scale showed the exact Cupful’s amount.
  7. The instructions specified a Cupful’s proportion of liquid.
  8. The recipe book emphasized the importance of Cupful’s precision.
  9. Cupful’s measurement determined the consistency of the batter.
  10. The baker’s favorite mug was perfect for a Cupful’s serving.

Plural Possessive of Cupful

The plural possessive form of “Cupful” is “Cupfuls'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cupful:

  1. The recipe required several Cupfuls’ of diced vegetables.
  2. The baker used different Cupfuls’ of sugar for each batch.
  3. The container held the Cupfuls’ of ingredients needed for baking.
  4. Cupfuls’ accuracy was crucial for the recipe’s success.
  5. The chef measured multiple Cupfuls’ of broth for the soup.
  6. The recipe book listed the required Cupfuls’ of flour and butter.
  7. The baker’s assistant prepared the Cupfuls’ of toppings.
  8. The scale measured the combined weight of the Cupfuls’.
  9. The recipe called for different Cupfuls’ of liquid at various stages.
  10. The baker stored the pre-measured Cupfuls’ for convenience.

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