Calendar Plural, What is the plural of Calendar?

Meaning of Calendar is

a chart or series of pages showing the days months, years, and weeks.

Singular and Plural of Calendar


Calendar as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The calendar on the wall marked important dates.
  2. She checked the calendar to see if she was available.
  3. The calendar helped her stay organized and plan her schedule.
  4. The event was added to the calendar to avoid conflicts.
  5. The calendar reminder alerted him of the upcoming appointment.
  6. She circled the date on the calendar to remember the deadline.
  7. The calendar displayed the entire month at a glance.
  8. The important meeting was scheduled on her calendar.
  9. The calendar app synchronized her appointments across devices.
  10. The calendar had colorful stickers to mark special occasions.

Calendar as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The calendars were distributed to all employees.
  2. She collected vintage calendars as a hobby.
  3. The office provided free promotional calendars to clients.
  4. The store displayed a wide variety of wall calendars.
  5. The team coordinated their schedules using shared calendars.
  6. The event organizers handed out branded calendars as giveaways.
  7. The online platform allowed users to create personalized calendars.
  8. The calendars featured stunning photographs of natural landscapes.
  9. The yearly planner included both monthly and weekly calendars.
  10. The company printed custom-made calendars for its employees.

Singular Possessive of Calendar 

The singular possessive form of “Calendar” is “Calendar’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Calendar:

  1. The events were marked on the calendar’s designated dates.
  2. The reminder was set on the calendar’s electronic notification system.
  3. The meeting was scheduled based on the calendar’s availability.
  4. The calendar’s format allowed for easy planning and organization.
  5. The appointment was added to the calendar’s time slots.
  6. The deadline was clearly visible on the calendar’s monthly view.
  7. The calendar’s color-coded system helped distinguish different types of events.
  8. The vacation was marked as “busy” on the calendar’s schedule.
  9. The important dates were highlighted on the calendar’s year-at-a-glance page.
  10. The calendar’s reminders ensured no appointments were missed.

Plural Possessive of Calendar 

The plural possessive form of “Calendar” is “Calendars'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Calendar:

  1. The offices displayed different department calendars’ events.
  2. The organization provided employees with personalized calendars’ templates.
  3. The family members synchronized their calendars’ schedules for coordination.
  4. The team members shared their calendars’ availability for meetings.
  5. The company distributed calendars’ copies to all employees.
  6. The project managers coordinated deadlines using shared calendars’ platforms.
  7. The event planning committee reviewed multiple calendars’ proposals.
  8. The schools issued academic calendars’ to students and parents.
  9. The travel agency offered personalized calendars’ itineraries for clients.
  10. The hotel provided guests with updated local attractions’ calendars’.

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