Star Plural, What is the Plural of Star?

Meaning: a fixed luminous point in the night sky

Plural of Star

Singular Plural
star stars

Synonyms of Star

  • sun
  • planetoid
  • planet
  • orb
  • heavenly body
  • asteroid

Star as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The bright star illuminated the night sky.
  2. I made a wish upon a shooting star.
  3. The movie featured a famous star in the lead role.
  4. The star shone brilliantly in the constellation.
  5. I gazed at the twinkling star through my telescope.
  6. The star of the show received a standing ovation.
  7. The actor’s talent propelled them to become a renowned star.
  8. The star athlete broke several records in their career.
  9. The hotel room had a stunning view of the star-studded sky.
  10. The singer’s voice captivated the audience, making them a rising star.

Star as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sky was filled with thousands of twinkling stars.
  2. The award ceremony honored the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.
  3. The stars of the team worked together to achieve victory.
  4. The director assembled a talented ensemble cast of stars.
  5. The audience cheered for their favorite stars at the concert.
  6. The movie showcased the chemistry between two Hollywood stars.
  7. The night sky in the countryside revealed a breathtaking display of stars.
  8. The celebrity event attracted A-list stars from around the world.
  9. The paparazzi followed the stars wherever they went.
  10. The magazine featured an article about rising young stars in the music industry.

Singular Possessive of Star

The singular possessive form of “Star” is “Star’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Star:

  1. The star’s brightness illuminated the night sky.
  2. We admired the star’s radiant beauty.
  3. The astronomer studied the star’s lifecycle and evolution.
  4. The director cast the star’s in the leading roles of the movie.
  5. The paparazzi followed the star’s every move.
  6. The scientist discovered a new star’s in the distant galaxy.
  7. The photographer captured the star’s portrait during a photoshoot.
  8. The fans eagerly awaited the star’s new album release.
  9. The magazine featured an exclusive interview with the star’s.
  10. The star’s popularity soared after winning the prestigious award.

Plural Possessive of Star

The plural possessive form of “Star” is “Stars'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Star:

  1. The stars’ positions in the sky change throughout the night.
  2. The astronomers studied the stars’ spectral characteristics.
  3. The Hollywood Walk of Fame honored the stars’ with their own plaques.
  4. The music industry recognized the talented stars’ with awards.
  5. The fans idolized the stars’ and followed their careers closely.
  6. The documentary explored the lives of famous stars’.
  7. The critics praised the stars’ performances in the theater production.
  8. The tabloids published gossip about the stars’ personal lives.
  9. The concert featured a lineup of renowned stars’.
  10. The astrophysicists researched the formation of stars’ in galaxies.

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