Sale Plural, What is the Plural of Sale?

Meaning: exchange of a commodity for money

Singular and Plural of Sale

Singular Plural
sale sales

Sale as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store advertised a big summer sale on clothing.
  2. She found a great deal during the clearance sale.
  3. The car dealership offered a special sale on selected models.
  4. The online retailer announced a flash sale for a limited time.
  5. The store attracted customers with its enticing window sale signs.
  6. The holiday season brought a surge of shoppers looking for sale items.
  7. The Black Friday sale drew crowds eager to score discounts.
  8. The department store had a year-end sale to clear out inventory.
  9. The art gallery hosted a silent auction sale of valuable artwork.
  10. The farmer’s market featured a sale of fresh produce.

Sale as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store’s end-of-season sales offered significant discounts.
  2. The clearance sales attracted bargain hunters looking for deals.
  3. The website had weekly flash sales on various products.
  4. The outlet mall featured multiple storewide sales.
  5. The car dealership’s summer sales event drew in customers.
  6. The clothing store advertised its seasonal sales with colorful banners.
  7. The auction house held regular art and antique sales.
  8. The supermarket had weekly sales on groceries and household items.
  9. The electronics store offered limited-time sales on popular gadgets.
  10. The bookshop had a special promotion with buy-one-get-one-free sales.

Singular Possessive of Sale 

The singular possessive form of “Sale” is “Sale’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Sale:

  1. I bought the sale’s last item.
  2. The price of the sale’s tickets increased.
  3. The success of the sale’s marketing campaign was impressive.
  4. Please check the details of the sale’s terms and conditions.
  5. The profits from the sale’s transactions were high.
  6. She was responsible for managing the sale’s inventory.
  7. The growth of the company depends on the sale’s performance.
  8. The quality of the products in the sale’s catalog is excellent.
  9. The customer’s satisfaction is crucial for the sale’s reputation.
  10. We need to improve the visibility of the sale’s website.

Plural Possessive of Sale 

The plural possessive form of “Sale” is “Sales'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Sale:

  1. The company expanded its sales’ territories.
  2. The profits from last year’s sales’ exceeded expectations.
  3. The growth of the business depends on the sales’ performance.
  4. The team is responsible for managing the sales’ accounts.
  5. We analyzed the data from the sales’ reports.
  6. The company invested in improving the sales’ effectiveness.
  7. The success of the sales’ strategies is evident.
  8. The quality of the products influences the sales’ numbers.
  9. We need to increase the visibility of the sales’ promotions.
  10. The company hired new employees to support the sales’ efforts.

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