Supernova Plural, What is the Plural of Supernova?

Meaning: a star that suddenly increases in brightness

Plural of Supernova

Singular Plural
supernova supernovae

 Synonyms of Supernova

  • void mass
  • void
  • theoretical mass
  • great void

Supernova as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. A supernova is a massive stellar explosion.
  2. The supernova emitted a brilliant burst of light.
  3. Scientists study the remnants of a supernova.
  4. The supernova event occurred millions of years ago.
  5. Astronomers observed the supernova through powerful telescopes.
  6. The energy released by a supernova is extraordinary.
  7. The supernova phenomenon is a rare occurrence in space.
  8. The supernova generated a shockwave that traveled through space.
  9. A supernova can outshine an entire galaxy for a brief period.
  10. The supernova explosion created new elements in the universe.

Supernova as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Astronomers study various supernovae to understand stellar evolution.
  2. The supernovae in distant galaxies captivate scientists’ attention.
  3. Multiple supernovae have been detected in this galactic cluster.
  4. Supernovae release immense amounts of energy into space.
  5. The observations revealed a cluster of young supernovae.
  6. Supernovae events occur in different galaxies across the universe.
  7. The research team analyzed the spectra of multiple supernovae.
  8. Supernovae explosions leave behind remnants known as neutron stars.
  9. Scientists use telescopes to monitor distant supernovae occurrences.
  10. The light from the distant supernovae took millions of years to reach us.

Singular Possessive of Supernova

The singular possessive form of “Supernova” is “Supernova’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Supernova:

  1. Supernova’s explosion was visible from Earth.
  2. Supernova’s energy release is immense.
  3. We studied Supernova’s impact on galaxies.
  4. Supernova’s brightness can outshine entire galaxies.
  5. The remnants of Supernova’s explosion are fascinating.
  6. Scientists analyzed Supernova’s light spectrum.
  7. Supernova’s shockwave travels through space.
  8. We observed Supernova’s expansion over time.
  9. Supernova’s debris spread across the universe.
  10. Astronomers tracked Supernova’s evolution.

Plural Possessive of Supernova

The plural possessive form of “Supernova” is “Supernovae’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Supernova:

  1. Supernovae’s remnants provide valuable insights.
  2. Scientists study Supernovae’s impact on galaxy formation.
  3. Supernovae’s energy output can be extraordinary.
  4. Supernovae’s shockwaves propagate through space.
  5. Astronomers investigate Supernovae’s origins.
  6. Supernovae’s brightness varies across different types.
  7. We observed multiple Supernovae’s explosions simultaneously.
  8. Supernovae’s luminosity helps measure cosmic distances.
  9. Researchers analyzed Supernovae’s chemical composition.
  10. Supernovae’s remnants disperse throughout interstellar medium.

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