Rock Plural, What is the Plural of Rock?

Meaning: the solid mineral material that makes up portion of the earth’s surface

Singular and Plural of Rock

Singular Plural
rock rocks

Rock as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hiker stood on top of the tall rock.
  2. He skipped a small rock across the pond.
  3. The climbers scaled the steep granite rock.
  4. The artist sculpted a beautiful statue from a single rock.
  5. The waves crashed against the rugged rock formations.
  6. The mountain is composed of solid rock.
  7. She found a fossil embedded in the ancient rock.
  8. The cave was hidden beneath a massive rock.
  9. The children played hide-and-seek among the boulders of the rock.
  10. The erosion shaped the coastal rock into unique formations.

Rock as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The climbers conquered challenging rocks in the Himalayas.
  2. They collected colorful pebbles from the riverbed rocks.
  3. The geologists studied the layers of sedimentary rocks.
  4. The mountain range is known for its towering rocks.
  5. The climbers navigated the treacherous cliffside rocks.
  6. The beach was littered with smooth and rounded rocks.
  7. The hikers admired the breathtaking views from the summit rocks.
  8. The archaeologists discovered ancient paintings on cave rocks.
  9. The waves crashed against the jagged coastal rocks.
  10. The quarry provided high-quality building rocks.

Singular Possessive of Rock 

The singular possessive form of “Rock” is “Rock’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Rock:

  1. The hiker examined the Rock’s texture.
  2. We discovered a fossil on Rock’s surface.
  3. Can you feel the warmth of Rock’s sun-exposed side?
  4. The artist carved a sculpture from Rock’s solid material.
  5. Rock’s formation dates back millions of years.
  6. The geologist analyzed the composition of Rock’s layers.
  7. The climber scaled Rock’s steep face.
  8. Rock’s weight made it difficult to carry.
  9. The researcher studied the impact of erosion on Rock’s shape.
  10. Rock’s durability makes it a suitable building material.

Plural Possessive of Rock 

The plural possessive form of “Rock” is “Rocks'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Rock:

  1. The trail was littered with Rocks’ fragments.
  2. We collected different Rocks’ specimens for our collection.
  3. The quarry workers extracted the Rocks’ for construction.
  4. Can you feel the vibrations when Rocks’ collide?
  5. The artist painted beautiful landscapes with various Rocks’ colors.
  6. Rocks’ shapes were shaped by natural forces.
  7. The children skipped Rocks’ across the water.
  8. The scientists analyzed the composition of different Rocks’.
  9. We studied the geological history of the Rocks’ in the area.
  10. Rocks’ resistance to weathering makes them long-lasting.

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