Journey Plural, What is the plural of Journey?

Meaning: an act of travelling from one place to another.

Plural of Journey


Journey as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She embarked on a spiritual journey to find herself.
  2. The hiker prepared for a challenging mountain journey.
  3. The author documented his personal journey in a memoir.
  4. The cancer survivor shared her inspirational journey with others.
  5. The student’s academic journey was filled with ups and downs.
  6. The artist’s creative journey led to a breakthrough in her work.
  7. The explorer set off on a dangerous journey to the unknown.
  8. The immigrant left everything behind for a better journey.
  9. The marathon runner trained rigorously for the long journey.
  10. The road trip became a memorable journey of discovery.

Journey as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The journeys of the characters intertwined in the story.
  2. The travelers shared their exciting journeys around the world.
  3. The book recounted the historic journeys of famous explorers.
  4. The company organized guided journeys for adventurous tourists.
  5. The students presented their research findings at the conference journeys.
  6. The documentary showcased the diverse cultural journeys.
  7. The immigrants’ journeys to the new land were filled with hardships.
  8. The company celebrated the employees’ career journeys.
  9. The website featured inspiring personal journeys of success.
  10. The athletes shared their training journeys with aspiring youngsters.

Singular Possessive of Journey

The singular possessive form of “Journey” is “Journey’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Journey:

  1. The traveler documented their journey’s highlights.
  2. The memoir recounts the author’s journey’s challenges.
  3. The song captures the essence of a journey’s emotions.
  4. The journal preserves the memories of the journey’s adventures.
  5. The documentary follows the protagonist’s journey’s transformation.
  6. The photographs portray the beauty of the journey’s landscapes.
  7. The guidebook offers insights into the journey’s attractions.
  8. The traveler reflected on their journey’s lessons learned.
  9. The memoirist shared their journey’s triumphs and setbacks.
  10. The documentary filmmaker captured the essence of the journey’s narrative.

Plural Possessive of Journey

The plural possessive form of “Journey” is “Journeys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Journey:

  1. The travel agency offers packages for different journeys’ destinations.
  2. The storytellers shared their journeys’ tales with the audience.
  3. The adventurers’ club organizes expeditions to various journeys’ locations.
  4. The photographers captured the essence of the travelers’ journeys’.
  5. The exhibition showcased the artists’ interpretations of their journeys’.
  6. The explorers documented the flora and fauna of their journeys’.
  7. The writers’ conference featured discussions on the journeys’ writing process.
  8. The tour operators catered to the journeys’ specific interests.
  9. The museum displayed artifacts from different historical journeys’.
  10. The travelers’ blogs shared insights into their journeys’ experiences.

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