Bass Plural, What is the plural of Bass?

Meaning of Bass

the lowest adult male singing voice.

Singular and Plural of Bass

Singular Plural
Bass Basses

Bass as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The musician played a low, resonant bass note on the guitar.
  2. The angler caught a massive bass while fishing in the lake.
  3. The opera singer’s deep bass voice captivated the audience.
  4. The speaker’s bass was amplified for a more immersive audio experience.
  5. The orchestra’s double bass provided a strong foundation for the musical piece.
  6. The car stereo system had a powerful bass that shook the windows.
  7. The sound engineer adjusted the bass levels for optimal sound quality.
  8. The DJ mixed tracks with heavy bass beats to get the crowd dancing.
  9. The jazz band featured a talented musician playing the stand-up bass.
  10. The music producer emphasized the importance of a clean and punchy bass line.

Bass as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fishing enthusiasts competed in a tournament to catch the biggest bass.
  2. The lake was known for its abundance of large-mouthed bass.
  3. The band’s rhythm section included drums, guitar, and electric basses.
  4. The music store had a wide selection of different types of basses.
  5. The bassists in the orchestra tuned their basses before the performance.
  6. The jazz trio consisted of a pianist, drummer, and two basses.
  7. The rock band had a thunderous sound with two electric basses.
  8. The bass players exchanged tips and techniques for playing slap bass.
  9. The music teacher instructed the students on proper finger placement on the basses.
  10. The bass fishermen shared stories of their most memorable catches of trophy basses.

Singular Possessive of Bass 

The singular possessive form of “Bass” is “Bass’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bass:

  1. I’m attending Bass’s concert next week.
  2. Please hand me Bass’s guitar from the stand.
  3. The sound of Bass’s voice resonates through the hall.
  4. Bass’s latest album is a masterpiece of rhythm.
  5. The strings on Bass’s instrument need tuning.
  6. Bass’s amplifier is producing a deep, rich sound.
  7. Can I borrow Bass’s sheet music for the performance?
  8. The audience is captivated by Bass’s melodic groove.
  9. Bass’s stage presence commands attention.
  10. I’m learning to play Bass’s famous bassline.

Plural Possessive of Bass 

The plural possessive form of “Bass” is “Basses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bass:

  1. The sound of the basses’ harmonies filled the auditorium.
  2. The musicians played their basses’ strings with precision.
  3. Basses’ deep tones reverberate throughout the orchestra.
  4. The notes produced by the basses’ bows were flawless.
  5. Basses’ amplifiers added depth to the rock concert.
  6. The rhythm section relied on the basses’ steady beat.
  7. Can you hand me one of the basses’ spare strings?
  8. The recording captured the resonance of the basses’ sound.
  9. Basses’ intricate melodies intertwined beautifully.
  10. The conductor admired the basses’ synchronized playing.

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