Rolex Plural, What is the Plural of Rolex?

Meaning: a type of expensive watch

Singular and Plural of Rolex

Singular Plural
rolex rolexes

Rolex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He proudly wore his new Rolex watch.
  2. The Rolex timepiece is known for its precision.
  3. The businessman flaunted his expensive Rolex.
  4. She inherited her father’s vintage Rolex.
  5. The jeweler carefully examined the authentic Rolex.
  6. The Rolex adorns the wrist of the famous actor.
  7. The auctioneer announced the bidding for the rare Rolex.
  8. The collector showcased his impressive Rolex collection.
  9. The athlete was sponsored by the prestigious Rolex brand.
  10. The pawnshop offered a high price for the genuine Rolex.

Rolex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store sells a variety of luxury Rolexes.
  2. The collectors gathered to showcase their rare Rolexes.
  3. The display case exhibited an array of shimmering Rolexes.
  4. The enthusiasts discussed the intricate details of their favorite Rolexes.
  5. The auction featured a collection of vintage Rolexes.
  6. The magazine published an article on the most expensive Rolexes.
  7. The watch connoisseur owned several limited-edition Rolexes.
  8. The boutique specializes in servicing and repairing Rolexes.
  9. The wealthy businessman adorned his wrists with matching gold Rolexes.
  10. The collectors eagerly awaited the release of the new line of Rolexes.

Singular Possessive of Rolex 

The singular possessive form of “Rolex” is “Rolex’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Rolex:

  1. The Rolex’s craftsmanship is renowned in the industry.
  2. My father’s favorite possession is his Rolex’s watch.
  3. The elegance of the Rolex’s design is timeless.
  4. I admired the intricate details of the Rolex’s dial.
  5. The value of the Rolex’s limited edition increased over time.
  6. The Rolex’s movement is known for its accuracy.
  7. I couldn’t help but notice the brilliance of the Rolex’s diamond bezel.
  8. The weight of the Rolex’s solid gold bracelet is substantial.
  9. The CEO proudly wore his Rolex’s timepiece during the conference.
  10. The auctioneer set a high starting price for the rare Rolex’s model.

Plural Possessive of Rolex 

The plural possessive form of “Rolex” is “Rolexes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Rolex:

  1. The collectors’ showcase displayed various Rolexes’ models.
  2. The Rolexes’ value can appreciate significantly over time.
  3. The enthusiasts were discussing the features of the new Rolexes’ releases.
  4. The watch store had a wide selection of Rolexes’ timepieces.
  5. The Rolexes’ dials were carefully crafted with attention to detail.
  6. The customers were impressed by the Rolexes’ luxurious aesthetics.
  7. The Rolexes’ popularity soared after being featured in a movie.
  8. The auction house had several rare Rolexes’ up for bidding.
  9. The collectors admired the uniqueness of the Rolexes’ limited editions.
  10. The watchmakers meticulously inspected the Rolexes’ movements.

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