Avocado Plural, What is the plural of Avocado?

Meaning of Avocado

The meaning of AVOCADO is: a pear-shaped fruit with rough leathery skin, smooth oily edible flesh, and a large stone.

Singular and Plural of Avocado

The plural of Avocado is avocados.

Singular Plural
Avocado Avocados

Avocado as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The ripe avocado was perfect for guacamole.
  2. She sliced the avocado and added it to the salad.
  3. The grocery store had a sale on avocados.
  4. The chef prepared a delicious avocado smoothie.
  5. The ripe avocado had a creamy texture.
  6. The sandwich was filled with slices of ripe avocado.
  7. The market displayed a variety of fresh avocados.
  8. The recipe called for mashed avocado as a spread.
  9. The toast was topped with smashed avocado and eggs.
  10. The health-conscious person enjoys eating avocado regularly.

Avocado as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The grocery store had a special on ripe avocados.
  2. She bought several avocados to make guacamole.
  3. The restaurant serves delicious dishes with fresh avocados.
  4. The market displayed different types of ripe avocados.
  5. The smoothie recipe called for two ripe avocados.
  6. The salad was garnished with sliced avocados.
  7. The chef used diced avocados as a topping.
  8. The avocado trees bore many ripe avocados this season.
  9. The guacamole was made with mashed avocados and spices.
  10. The health-conscious individuals consume plenty of fresh avocados.

Singular Possessive of Avocado 

The singular possessive form of “Avocado” is “Avocado’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Avocado:

  1. The ripe Avocado’s texture was creamy and smooth.
  2. I enjoyed the Avocado’s rich and buttery taste.
  3. The Avocado’s green color indicated its ripeness.
  4. The Avocado’s seed was large and round.
  5. I scooped out the flesh of the Avocado’s half.
  6. Avocado’s nutritional value is well-known.
  7. Avocado’s popularity has soared in recent years.
  8. I spread the Avocado’s creamy goodness on toast.
  9. The Avocado’s skin protected the fruit inside.
  10. The Avocado’s versatility makes it a favorite ingredient.

Plural Possessive of Avocado 

The plural possessive form of “Avocado” is “Avocados'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Avocado:

  1. The ripe Avocados’ textures varied from firm to soft.
  2. We enjoyed the Avocados’ rich and buttery tastes.
  3. The Avocados’ green colors indicated their ripeness.
  4. The Avocados’ seeds were large and round.
  5. We scooped out the flesh of the Avocados’ halves.
  6. The Avocados’ nutritional value is well-documented.
  7. Avocados’ popularity continues to grow.
  8. We spread the Avocados’ creamy goodness on sandwiches.
  9. The Avocados’ skins protected the fruit inside.
  10. The Avocados’ versatility makes them ideal for various recipes.

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