Miss Plural, What is the Plural of Miss?

Meaning: fail to hit, fail to catch

Singular and Plural of Miss

Singular Plural
miss misses

Miss as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She won the beauty pageant and became the reigning miss.
  2. The company crowned a new miss as the face of their brand.
  3. The miss graciously thanked everyone for their support.
  4. The pageant judge asked the miss about her career aspirations.
  5. The miss waved to the cheering crowd from the stage.
  6. The audience eagerly awaited the announcement of the winner, the new miss.
  7. The miss wore an elegant gown during the final round.
  8. The miss captivated the audience with her talent performance.
  9. The local newspaper featured an interview with the reigning miss.
  10. The miss represented her country in the international beauty pageant.

Miss as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The judges selected the top five misses from the contestants.
  2. The pageant showcased the diverse talents of the participating misses.
  3. The previous year’s misses passed down their crowns to the new winners.
  4. The competition was tough among the talented group of misses.
  5. The misses took the stage, each demonstrating their unique style and grace.
  6. The event celebrated the accomplishments of the past misses.
  7. The beauty pageant provided scholarships for the aspiring misses.
  8. The misses represented different regions and backgrounds.
  9. The finalists gathered backstage, supporting and encouraging each other as misses.
  10. The community rallied behind their local misses, showing their support during the pageant.

Singular Possessive of Miss 

The singular possessive form of “Miss” is “Miss’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Miss:

  1. I saw the sadness in Miss’s eyes.
  2. The teacher praised Miss’s exceptional performance.
  3. The loss affected Miss’s life profoundly.
  4. I admired Miss’s dedication to her craft.
  5. The beauty of Miss’s voice enchanted the audience.
  6. The responsibility fell on Miss’s shoulders.
  7. I could sense the determination in Miss’s demeanor.
  8. Miss’s achievements were celebrated by all.
  9. The love in Miss’s heart was evident in her actions.
  10. The letter showcased Miss’s heartfelt emotions.

Plural Possessive of Miss 

The plural possessive form of “Miss” is “Misses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Miss:

  1. The misses’ goals were aligned with the company’s vision.
  2. The team appreciated the misses’ effort and commitment.
  3. The project’s success was attributed to the misses’ hard work.
  4. The celebrations marked the misses’ achievements.
  5. The company recognized the misses’ contributions with awards.
  6. The clients praised the misses’ professionalism and expertise.
  7. The coach acknowledged the misses’ dedication and teamwork.
  8. The collaboration between the misses’ resulted in an outstanding outcome.
  9. The misses’ unity and support inspired others.
  10. The accomplishments of the misses’ were celebrated with pride.

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