Chinos Plural, What is the Plural of Chinos?

Meaning: a cotton twill fabric, typically khaki-colored

Plural of CHINOS


Synonyms of CHINOS

  • knickers
  • shorts
  • breeches
  • briefs
  • slacks
  • trousers
  • underpants
  • Bermudas
  • bloomers

Chinos as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He wore a pair of khaki chinos to the party.
  2. The slim-fit chinos complemented his casual attire.
  3. The new season brought a variety of stylish chinos.
  4. The comfortable chinos were his go-to pants for the weekend.
  5. The fashion magazine featured a model wearing high-waisted chinos.
  6. The tailored chinos added a touch of sophistication to his outfit.
  7. The designer showcased a collection of brightly colored chinos.
  8. The salesperson helped him find the perfect pair of chinos.
  9. The dress code allowed employees to wear well-fitted chinos.
  10. The brand introduced a sustainable line of organic cotton chinos.

Chinos as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store offered a wide range of trendy chinos.
  2. The fashion-conscious men preferred wearing slim-cut chinos.
  3. The students wore neatly pressed chinos as part of their uniform.
  4. The wardrobe consisted of various colors of versatile chinos.
  5. The casual dress code allowed employees to wear comfortable chinos.
  6. The brand released a new collection of relaxed-fit chinos.
  7. The fashion show featured models strutting down the runway in tailored chinos.
  8. The fashion blog recommended pairing printed shirts with neutral-colored chinos.
  9. The men’s clothing store organized a sale on all their chinos.
  10. The fashion magazine showcased different ways to style classic chinos.

Singular Possessive of Chinos

The singular possessive form of “Chinos” is “Chinos’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Chinos:

  1. Chinos’s color complements his complexion.
  2. The fit of Chinos’s trousers is perfect.
  3. The style of Chinos’s outfit is trendy.
  4. Chinos’s fabric is comfortable to wear.
  5. The length of Chinos’s pants is just right.
  6. The brand of Chinos’s clothing is well-known.
  7. Chinos’s wardrobe consists of various pairs.
  8. The versatility of Chinos’s fashion choices is impressive.
  9. The design of Chinos’s chinos is unique.
  10. Chinos’s look exudes confidence and style.

Plural Possessive of Chinos

The plural possessive form of “Chinos” is “Chinos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Chinos:

  1. The colors of Chinos’ trousers are vibrant.
  2. The fits of Chinos’ chinos vary among sizes.
  3. The styles of Chinos’ outfits are diverse.
  4. Chinos’ fabrics offer different textures.
  5. The lengths of Chinos’ pants suit different preferences.
  6. The brands of Chinos’ clothing cater to various tastes.
  7. Chinos’ wardrobes include a range of pairs.
  8. The versatility of Chinos’ fashion choices is admired.
  9. The designs of Chinos’ chinos are innovative.
  10. Chinos’ looks showcase individuality and fashion sense.

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